Brushing Teeth Songs, Books, and Crafts for Kids

There are many places to find a Brushing Teeth Song to teach your kiddos about Dental Health Month.  But here, you will find a collection of songs, a poem, craft ideas, and books.

February is Dental Health Month. After indulging in all the holiday treats, it’s the perfect time to teach kids about dental health.


Brushing Teeth Songs

When teaching about Dental Health Month, I liked to pick from a variety of songs about brushing teeth.  With the songs posted below, you could teach your kids a new song every week.  Or, if you spend a week on Dental Health, you can can play one song per day.  The choice is yours.

Here are a few of the best brushing teeth songs on youtube:


Teeth Poem for Kids

If you’ve been around here once or twice, chances are, you know I have a love for poetry.  I absolutely believe in using poetry and nursery rhymes to get kids excited to read.  Once they are excited, the poems and songs become a tool to build concepts of print, fluency, sight words, phonemic awareness, and more.  In other words, poems are perfect for building strong readers.

To kick off my lesson plans about Dental Health Month, I use this poem, Brushing My Teeth.

Not only is it great to remind the kids how to brush their teeth, it’s relatable.  What kid doesn’t have a parent nagging them to brush good and not rush?  When they hear that part of the poem about brushing teeth, they instantly make a connection to text.


Get the Brushing My Teeth printable poem, HERE.

Then, as a follow up activity, the kids complete the Brushing My Teeth Build a Poem.  This February poetry center is hands on, interactive, and is one the kids will ask to come back to over and over.

The kids use the large print word cards to build the teeth poem.  Typically, this can be done in a pocket chart center.  However, you don’t need a pocket chart to get them engaged.  Simply place the cards and poem on a large table top, or an open floor space, and let them have at it.  Build a Poems also make an awesome take-home activity, or homeschool activity for kids in kindergarten, first, and second grade.


Get the Brushing My Teeth Build a Poem, HERE.

10 Books for Dental Health Month


Dental Health Crafts for Preschoolers, K, and First Grade

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