The Best Presidents Day Poem and Books for Kids

Late January and early February, teachers and homeschool mommas start looking for a cute Presidents day poem, crafts, and books for their kiddos.

Before I share this fun poem for Presidents Day, let me answer some of your most asked questions.

When is Presidents Day? Will school close for Presidents Day?   How can I teach little kids about President’s Day?  These are all great questions that I’m going to answer for you


When is Presidents Day

Presidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday is February.  In 2021, the third Monday in February falls on February 15th.


Will School Close for Presidents’ Day

Most, not all, schools do close to honor Presidents Day.  Your state government has the authority to declare this as a day off of school. 

At the time of writing this post, there are nine states that don’t recognize this as a holiday.  To be sure, I suggest checking your local school district’s academic calendar.


How Can I Teach Kids About the Presidents

I’ll admit, when I was a new kindergarten teacher, I struggled with knowing how to teach them about President’s day. 

Of course, I knew to how to teach who our current president was, and give a little info on the first president of the United States, and so on.  However, I found it challenging to find fun Presidents Day activities that was at their level.

Thankfully, over the years, teachers have created Presidents Day resources that are at the younger kids level.  

Presidents Day crafts for kids

Presidents Day Poem for Kids

The president of our country has many jobs to do.  He gives lots of speeches, and helps our people, too. He leads out troops to keep us safe and strong.  And, he makes tough decisions when problems come along.

presidents-day-poem-1 Get your Presidents Day Poem, HERE, from TPT.


Best of all, you can use this as a digital poem for remote learning, or as a printable poem in your poetry notebooks.

Even if your kiddos are learning at home, you can print off this poem, do a shared reading activity, search for sight words, rhyming words, count how many words, count how many sentences, do a retell, or have your kiddos write two of the four jobs mentioned in this poem about Presidents.


15 Books About President’s Day for Kids

  1. Presidents Day
  2. If I Ran for President
  3. Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents
  4. This Little President: A Presidential Primer
  5. Celebrating President’s Day
  6. I am George Washington
  7. Abe Lincoln’s Hat
  8. Who Was George Washington?
  9. Weird But True Know-It-All: U.S. Presidents
  10. U.S. Presidents: The Oval Office All-Stars
  11. Grace Goes to Washington
  12. Duck for President
  13. My Teacher for President
  14. What is the Presidents Job?
  15. Arthur Meets the President


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