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5 Fun Classroom Christmas Party Ideas

If you are looking for fun and easy classroom Christmas party ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Here at Little Learning Corner, my goal is to keep learning fun and affordable.  The same goes with classroom parties!


1. Christmas Cookie for Decorating

Decorating Christmas cookies with kids has been one of my favorite classroom Christmas party activities!

Yes, it’s messy, but the kids love it!  Get enough sugar cookies for the kids to decorate 2-3, stock up on icing and cookie decorations, and let the fun memories begin.



When planning for my kindergarten Christmas party, I would have the cookies and supplies set up at one station (usually my guided reading table).

The kids would rotate through different stations, one of which was my decorating table.  If you have room parents, you could do this as a whole class activity.  Simply place the cookies and decorations at every table.

Put on some Christmas music, and let the kids all do their own.  The parent volunteers can help supervise – which is a blessing within itself.

Even if you are looking for last minute ideas for classroom party, this will not disappoint.


2. Christmas Pipe Cleaner Crafts

We all know kids love making holiday crafts.  However, we also know it can be difficult managing 25 kids doing crafts that involve cutting, gluing, and glitter. This, friends, is why I love Christmas pipe cleaner crafts.

I’m not teaching this year, but you bet I still made some of these fun crafts with my youngest daughter.

Grab a few Christmas pipe cleaner sets from amazon, or your local craft store, and you’re set.



Christmas Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas

  • Christmas wreath
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas lollipops
  • Christmas tree
  • Strands of Christmas lights
  • Candy canes
  • Mistletoe
  • Stars
  • Christmas bell


3. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

Kids love a fun game of competition.  This fun Christmas Party set comes with a large poster, 24 red noses, and a blindfold.  Whoever gets closest is the winner!

4.  Nutcracker Ring Toss

Perfect for in the classroom or at home with the family, this Nutcracker Ring Toss is a hit!

5. Kids Gift Exchange

Last, but not least, your kids can do a small gift exchange. This, too, has always been a popular Christmas party idea for the classroom.

Around Thanksgiving or the first week of December, I send home a letter to the parents letting them know about the exchange.   This way, they have plenty of time to let their kiddo pick out a gift.  There are gift ideas below.

This year, my daughter wanted to take in stackable holiday pencils to pass out to all her classmates.  We simply tied red curling ribbon around each one, and make it look festive.



Two types of gift exchanges for kids:

  1. The kids buy one $5 gift to put in the collection.  On party day, everybody gets to pull one present from under the classroom tree.
  2. The kids bring in enough small tinker gifts for everybody in the classroom. (i.e. Christmas party favors at the dollar store.)  On the day of the party, the kids pass out a tinker gift to each student.


10 Kids Gift Exchange Ideas


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