The Best Read Aloud Books for Kids

I’m so happy you stopped by to check out this complete list of read aloud books for kids.  Did you know read aloud books for kids can increase attention span? It’s true! As you sit down to read aloud books to your child or your students,  you model how to stay attentive, help build vocabulary, explore and address emotional development, make connections between spoken language and print, and much more.

As a former kindergarten teacher, K-2 reading intervention teacher, and a mom of 2, I have read thousands of books over the years.  To help save you some time, I have put together a complete list of the best read aloud books for kids.  This list is broken down into categories, such as seasons, holidays, and themes.

Once you find a category you are interested in, click on the link above the picture to take you to the list with short book descriptions.   Be sure to bookmark this page to your favorites, and check back often. If you’re looking for Chapter Books to read aloud, check out my blog post, 91 Popular Chapter Books for Kids.


Color Books

Help your kiddos learn colors and color words with these 30 best color books for kids.   From board books with color tabs, to books about mixing colors, your kiddos are sure to love these read aloud books about colors.

Check out the complete list on my blog post, 30 Best Color Books for Kids


30 best color books for kids


Back to School Books

These back to school books are some of my favorite read aloud books for the first week of school!  Children come to school with a variety of emotions.  Some kids feel scared and sad to leave their families, while others come ready to go, full speed ahead, and excited to run the show.  This is why a wide selection of back to school books for kids can help set the tone for the entire school year.  

Check out the complete list of 25 Must-Have Back to School Books for Kids


25 must-have Back to School books


Books About Fall

Some of the most common signs of Fall are pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors, field trips to the apple orchard, squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, and scarecrows popping up in everyone’s front lawn decor.

To help you easily pick out your read aloud books about Fall, I have put them into categories: books about pumpkins, books about apples, Johnny Appleseed books, Scarecrow books, and books about the Fall season.

Check out the complete list in my blog post, 35 fun Books About Fall for Kids.


35 Fun Books about Fall are great for learning about apples, pumpkin life cycles, scarecrows, and leaves.


Halloween Books for Kids

It’s time to have some not-so-spooky fun with these Halloween books for kids! Whether your kids are excited or afraid of Halloween, there are read aloud books for you in this collection of kids’ Halloween books for them to enjoy.

Check out the complete list on my post, 30 Best Halloween Books for Kids.



30 fun Halloween books for kids


Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Whether you have a preschooler at home or a classroom full of kids, teaching young kids the history of Thanksgiving can be challenging.  With that being said, it is important to teach kids about the meaning of Thanksgiving. 

Here are 10 popular Thanksgiving books for kids that provide fun, relatable, content about this special holiday. 




Winter Books for Kids

The snow is falling, your snowman decorations are out, and you’re ready to stock your bookshelves with Winter books for kids.  As a kindergarten teacher, I had to be extra creative to keep the kiddos engaged in fun learning activities throughout the long Winter season. I selected interactive activities, and stocked my bookshelf with informational and read aloud books about Winter and Winter holidays. 

Keeping your budget in mind, I have compiled a list of 25 Winter books for kids under $15.




Valentine’s Books for Kids

Love is in the air, glittery hearts are being hung, and it’s time to stock your bookshelves with Valentine’s Day books for kids! From books about love and friendship, to funny jokes about Valentines, these books will keep your kiddos entertained while keeping your wallet happy!

That’s right, friends, I have found 25 Valentine’s Day books for kids under $10! 





Books About Spring

Winter is coming to an end, and it’s time to stock our bookshelves with books about Spring. When asked what types of Spring books you’d like me to include in this list, the responses were clear – you wanted a combination of books about Spring weather along with books on flowers and plants. 

Enjoy the collection of 10 books about Spring 




Read Aloud Books about Butterflies and Caterpillars

In addition to doing fun butterfly crafts and writing activities with my kindergarten class, I would use books and poems to teach all about butterflies and caterpillars. 

Check out the list of 10 Fun Books About Butterflies and Caterpillars





Read Aloud Books for Summer

To help prevent Summer reading loss, I’ve created this list of Summer books for kids.  Summer reading loss is the decline in reading skills when kids are out of school and have little exposure to reading over the Summer months.

Check out the complete list of 20 Summer books for kids.





Valentine’s Books for Kids

Love is in the air.  Glittery hearts are being hun.  It’s time to stock your bookshelves with Valentine’s Day books for kids! From books about friendship to funny jokes about Valentines, these books will keep your kiddos entertained and your wallet happy!

That’s right, friends, I have found 25 Valentine’s Day books for kids under $10! 





 Augmented Reality Books for Kids

You already know the benefits of exposing kids to new books. Now, imagine if you could get them to spend more time with books using digital pictures, videos, or audio clips to enhance text.  Augmented reality books for kids brings the love for reading to life!

Here are 15 augmented reality books for kids.  These books are great for in the classroom, at home, or as fun gift ideas for kids.

Check out the complete list of 15 Augmented Reality Books for Kids



15 fun augmented reality books for kids




Books for Teaching Diversity to Kids

As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to reflect kindness.  More importantly, we need to bring down the wall of racism the best we know how.   I’ll admit; I don’t have all the answers.  However, we can start by exposing our children to the importance of  respecting diversity. 

To help this, I have created a list 20 books for teaching diversity to kids.





Fun Monster Books for Kids

Whether you are a parent of a teacher, you know it’s common to have kids afraid of the dark.  With that, there are typically underlying emotions that arise.  For example, it’s not the “dark” that is frightening – it’s the anxiety of the “unknown”.
You’ll often hear kids say they are afraid of the dark, because they are afraid monsters will get them.
Being afraid of monsters, is a common anxiety for kids. Thankfully, there are ways we can help them get through it.   Today, I’m going to share a list of monster books for kids that can help change that.
Check out the complete list of 13 fun monster books for kids

Dinosaur Books

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs!  Why not fuel their curiosity with books?

Fill them with knowledge and inspire their imagination with these 15 awesome dinosaur books for kids! This collection of books about dinosaurs is broken down into two categories: non-fiction and fiction dinosaur books for kids.

Enjoy these 15 awesome dinosaur books for kids.


Chapter Books for Kids

I’ve recently written a blog post to share some favorite chapter books for kids.   You can check out the list, here.




Thank you for your interest in this collection of read aloud books for kids.  By choosing these books, you are already on the right path to helping your kids build a love for reading. ” Children that are read to more often have improved language and listening skills, experience stronger emotional connections to their loved ones, and gain a lifelong love of reading.” (Reach Out and Read)


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