11 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

It’s almost October, which means it’s time to start planning for fun Halloween crafts for kids!

From DIY Halloween crafts to sensory activities, I’ve got you covered.  Check out these 11 easy Halloween crafts for kids that you can do with one kiddo or an entire classroom.


Kids Halloween Crafts

11.  Halloween Bookmark Craft

This may be the easiest among the list of Halloween crafts for kids!  Simply give each kiddo a tongue depressor or popsicle stick, and let them pick out two of their favorite Halloween foam stickers.

They can color the sticks, or you can get colored crafting sticks to keep it even more simple!

After they put their Halloween stickers on the top of the pointer (back to back) they have a fun Halloween bookmark, or make it a Halloween pointer.




Use the pointer for tracking print, or pointing to words during Halloween Write the Room.



10.  Frankenstein Halloween Craft

This Halloween craft will look absolutely adorable on a classroom bulletin board, or in a kids art area at home. It comes with a boy and girl Frankenstein and various sweet treat notes, so you can differentiate as needed.

Hang these outside of our classroom with the title “Frankly, I love Kindergarten” to showcase how much our grade level rocks and to see what my students truly love about being in Kinder.

Thank you, Jessica, from The Primary Parade, for sharing this adorable activity to my list of Halloween crafts for kids.






9.  Bat Craft – October Kindergarten Crate

I can’t wait to get this year’s October box to see what cool Halloween crafts for kids they suggest! Last October, they had an easy bat craft for kids.  I loved it, because it was simple, went along with any bat book for kids,  and incorporated shapes!  All of the supplies used to make the craft were included in the box, which meant I didn’t have to make an extra trip to the store.

  • Paint or color a small paper plate yellow.
  • Cut basic shapes from black construction paper
  • Build and glue down the bat

If you are a parent or teacher of Prek, Kindergarten, or First Grade kiddos, you would love the Kindergarten Crate.  Each month, they will send you a box full of printables, supplies, and fun crafts.

You can watch my unboxing video, here, or by clicking on the bat craft picture below.



When you’re ready to sign up and get your own fun subscription box for kids, go to KindergartenCrate.com and use code CORNER to get 10% off! 



8.  Monster Glyph

If you’re looking for an easy monster craft to make with kids, you are going to love this!   Have you heard of a glyph?

A glyph is a personalized craft activity.  Consider it a fun way to practice listen and respond skills.  Grab your Monster Craft, HERE.




After your kids are done making this monster craft, anyone who looks at it will be able to tell their favorite shape, how old they are, whether they are a boy or a girl, and what their favorite color is!



7. Halloween Monster Donuts

Who doesn’t love edible crafts?  Go to your favorite donut shop, buy a couple dozen glazed donuts.  Next, get some vampire teeth and edible eyes delivered right to your door from amazon.  You could even throw in some fun Halloween icing, too.





DIY Halloween crafts are fun, but sometimes the craft kits for kids are easier, cheaper, and make less of a mess.  Plus, I know it can be challenging making DIY crafts with a large group of kids.  To keep it simple, as a teacher and room parent, I suggest looking for deals on Halloween craft kits at JOANN’s.

My mother-in-law knew I was putting together a list of Halloween crafts for kids, and she jumped on the chance to do some shopping at JOANN’s.  We love that store…especially their holiday decor.  I’ll be honest…every year I find the cutest decorations for my house or classroom, and the best deals on craft kits.

The craft kits are perfect for Halloween class parties, and Fall birthday parties.  My youngest daughter’s birthday is in October, and when we lived in Ohio, we would plan Halloween themed birthday parties for 50 people every year.  In that case, the foam kits are the most cost-effective and easy party craft for the kids.  Let’s take a look at what she found on sale at JOANN’s.

JOANN Stores



6.  Bat Pumpkin

Get a small pumpkin, paint it black, and simply put the stickers on to make a bat pumpkin.  This would be an easy bat pumpkin craft for preschoolers, or a cute Halloween classroom decoration.  Everything you need is included in this Pumpkin Deco kit from JOANN’s.








5.  Halloween Foam Sticker Crafts

One of the easiest ways to use Halloween foam stickers is to make a DIY Halloween rolling pin for playdoh!   How cute is that??

Simply put the Halloween foam stickers on a kids’ size rolling pin, and watch as the patterns show up in the play-doh.  You could make it even more fun by making your own shaving cream playdoh.





The foam stickers would be great to decorate trick-or-treat bags, make Halloween pointers, put some in a classroom treat bag, make a Halloween door hanger, add them to paper masks, use them as writing prompts in a homemade Halloween book by kids, and so much more!

These foam stickers also came from JOANN’s.


4. Lace and Stuff Pumpkin

This fun Halloween fine motor activity is great for kids ages 4-9.  They use a large plastic needed to sew the lacing pumpkin, add stuffing, and add sticker decals to show off their creativity.






3. Halloween Pom Pom Kit

We originally stumbled across these holiday pom-pom craft kits when looking for Easter crafts.  They, too, are from JOANN’s.

In this cute Halloween Pom-pom craft set, there are three main characters your kiddos will build.  Some of the pieces are stickers, while others need to be put on with a hot glue gun.




2.   Halloween Foam Craft Platter

This foam craft platter from JOANN’s is perfect for a Fall classroom party, or a Halloween birthday party for kids.   There are big pumpkins, small pumpkins, ghosts, black bats, sparkly bats, sticky-back face pieces, googly eyes, and more!

Let the kids choose what they want to design, and have some good old creative fun. As you can see below, my daughter was in a sparkly mood 🙂  She added all the jewels she could ??







1.  Monster Slime

My youngest daughter (@skylerkvlog) said we can’t do a post about Halloween crafts for kids without including a monster slime recipe!  She loves making slime, and I’m sure your kiddos will too!

Monster Slime Recipe



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