11 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Looking for fun and easy Fall crafts for kids? I’m here to share with you 10 of our favorite Fall craft ideas.


Are you getting as excited about the Fall season as I am? Everything Fall puts a smile on my face! Not only do I love pumpkin spice, bonfires, candy corn, roasting pumpkin seeds, the colorful leaves, and the cooler weather- I also love doing all the fun Fall crafts for kids! I hope you enjoy this collection of Fall crafts for the entire family.



Favorite Fall Crafts for Kids to Make

1.  Paper-Tearing Leaf Craft

No need to dry out your leaves for this fun paper tearing leaf craft! This easy craft is a great way to make Fall leaves from scrap paper or tissue paper.

Simply grab your red, brown, yellow, orange, and green construction paper, and let the easy Fall crafts begin! Oh, and better yet…this is a great activity for building fine motor skills.

You can let the kids decorate their printable leaf template with their favorite Fall color. 

After they choose which colored construction paper they want, they tear the paper into small pieces, and glue them onto the leaf until it’s filled!

My friend, Amanda, from Sparkling in Primary has amazing paper-tearing craft templates for the whole year. You can grab the printable template, HERE.





2. Thankful Fall Trees | Gratitude Project

Whether you have a little kid or a big kid, this would be a great Fall craft for kids to introduce during late October, or early November. It’s the perfect time of year to mix gratitude with creative crafts.

Each leaf craft project represents something the kids are thankful for! Over time, you create this beautiful Fall classroom project and fun craft.

My friend, Allie, from Allie the Gypsy Teacher, shares about this awesome project on her blog post, 7 Gratitude Activities for Your Classroom.





3. Fall Bead Bracelets with Beautiful Fall Colors

Kids of all ages love making bead bracelets. Along with building fine motor skills, your kids can work on color sorting, patterns, vocabulary, and even building words.

If you’re looking for a cute way to incorporate word work with creative Fall crafts that don’t require glue and scissors, these are so much fun!

Yes, I turn bead bracelets into a learning activity…why not? My goal is to make learning fun…and this is a fun Fall activity for kids!

Simply print out these Fall Vocabulary Cards, and leave them in a bin with colored beads, letter beads, and pipe cleaners. The kids can make Fall bead bracelets, wear them home, and tell their family what they learned about Fall. It’s a win-win 🙂





Easy Fall Crafts

4. Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

You may have seen this easy paper plate sunflower craft on my post, 5 Easy Summer Crafts for Kids.  Although Summer is a peak season for Sunflowers, they are also considered a Fall flower.

You can have your kids paint or color a paper plate, or simply get yellow paper plates if you’re crunched on time. This paper plate craft

is a fun idea to appreciate the beauty you will find along a Fall nature walk.





5. Apple Stamping

If you’re looking for Fall crafts for kids that are also fun multi-sensory activities, this is a fun way for your messy little monster to create art projects.

Slice the apples in half, set out red, yellow, and green paint, and let the kids make apple stamps!

Rather than spending money on apples at the store, you can go to a local orchard and ask them if they have any apples they would like to donate for your simple craft idea. Thankfully, my mom has an amazing garden, complete with apple trees. So, she always gave me bags of apples to use for my apple activities in the classroom.



6.  Kid Handprint Fall Tree Craft

When you search on pinterest, there are a ton of Fall tree handprint crafts! Here is one of my favorites from the Crafty Morning Blog.

This handprint painting is an easy peasy way to turn little hands into the perfect craft.




7. Fall Pom Pom Tree

Kids love the feel of these soft and fuzzy pom poms. Have them draw and color a tree trunk, then glue fall colored pom poms as the leaves.  This, too, is another great multi-sensory Fall craft.






Fun Fall Crafts

8. Squishy Paint Leaves

My amazing friend, Diane, from Teach Pre-K, shared this fun leaf craft for preschoolers with me. She suggests doing this Fall painting craft in a small group, with 1-3 kids at a time.



Fall crafts for kids


Begin with a large, plain white leaf cut from 12 x 18 construction paper. Put red, orange, yellow, and purple fluorescent paint into squeeze bottles, and let the kids squeeze the paint onto the leaf template. 

Then, put a sheet of plastic wrap over the paint. The kids then use their fingers to draw designs and manipulate the paint pattern onto the leaf. When done, remove the plastic wrap, and let the leaf dry.  



9. Paper Plate Leaf Wreath

This is as simple as it gets, friends! Cut the center out of a paper plate, and have your kiddos glue leaves all around to make a Fall leaf wreath. You can even add some cute Fall ribbon to hang the wreaths around the classroom or your home.


10. Pumpkin Patch Craft

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate is a popular kids song and children’s book. The Pete the Cat version is one of my kiddos’ favorites!

The kids use brown construction paper for the gate (or use Popsicle sticks), blue paper for the sky, orange paper for the pumpkins, and green for the stems and the grass.

After making this cute Fall pumpkin craft, your kiddos will LOVE doing this 5 Little Pumpkin Build-a-Poem activity.




11.  Tissue Paper Fall Tree

This fun tissue paper craft is not only so much fun; it also celebrates the colors of Fall while building creativity and fine motor skills!  



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