15 Awesome Dinosaur Books for Kids



Kids of all ages love dinosaurs!  Why not fuel their curiosity with books?

Fill them with knowledge and inspire their imagination with these 15 awesome dinosaur books for kids! This collection of books about dinosaurs is broken down into two categories: non-fiction and fiction dinosaur books for kids.  Enjoy 🙂


Non-Fiction Dinosaur Books for Kids

The best non-fiction, or informational text, books for kids are filled with facts and captivating photographs or illustrations.  Kids can learn about dinosaurs simply by looking at the details of the pictures, scanning the bold print, and easy-to-read facts.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs

Go on a journey and let your kids practice paleontology!  This non-fiction dinosaur book has age-appropriate text and striking pictures, great for ages 4-9.




Oh Say, Can You Say Di-No-Saur?:  A Dr. Seuss Book about Dinosaurs

This non-fiction book about dinosaurs would be a fun addition to your collection of dinosaur books for kids! The Cat in the Hat walks the kids through a journey to see all the dinosaurs, gives facts about each, and breaks down how to pronounce their names.  This is also a fun bridge between your dinosaur activities and a lesson about syllables.   This Dr. Seuss book about dinosaurs is great for kids ages 4-8.


Dinosaurs A-Z: For Kids Who Really Love Dinosaurs!

The title is self-explanatory!  This dinosaur alphabet book will walk your kids through each letter of the dinosaur, giving facts and showing pictures of their favorite dinosaurs!


If you’re looking for a fun picture book about dinosaurs that incorporates numbers, sorting attributes, visual perception, and color recognition, this is a winner.  Count the Dinosaurs would be the perfect dinosaur book for preschool and kindergarten.


The Dinosaur Book

Simply titled, this Smithsonian book about dinosaurs is a must-have encyclopedia book for kids.  You won’t get a more in-depth non-fiction dinosaur book for kids than this!


Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide

#1 Bestseller in Children’s Fossil Books on amazon, and nominated for Four Daytime Emmy Awards!  Dino Dana is another must-have!  Each dinosaur has 6 pages of information – two to introduce, two with additional facts, and two that cover a Dino experiment shown on the popular kids show, Dino Dana!





Fiction Dinosaur Books for Kids

These fiction books about dinosaurs inspire one’s imagination, and have relatable story-lines.  Kids love these funny and rhythmic stories about what dinosaurs do to have fun, be creative, get along with their other dinosaur friends, and so on!


Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

This fiction book about dinosaurs for kids is a classic and will surely make your little one laugh out loud!  Who ever imagined dinosaurs having a dance party?  There are rhyming text and a fun story line about the dinosaurs make this book so much fun!




You could easily incorporate large and fine motor activities to go along with this book.  As kids dance around and move like the dinosaurs, they are using their large motor skills.  To practice fine motor skills, have kids turn their hands into tiny dinosaur claws and pretend to grab things around the room.


What the Dinosaurs Did at School

This is a follow up to the book, What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night.  I absolutely love the use of photography, capturing real-life objects to tell a fun story about the mischief these dinosaurs get into while at school.   This picture book about dinosaurs is a great addition to your collection of dinosaur books for kids.




Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble

This is a cute story about a creative dinosaur.  It would be great read aloud, and do a compare and contrast anchor chart with the book Never Let a Unicorn Scribble.  I recommend this dinosaur book for kids ages 4-8.


How to Catch a Dinosaur

This fun dinosaur book is part of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling “How to Catch” book series for kids.





How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

This book is a fun guide about friendship and how to get along with friends.  Rather than simply telling kids to “play nice”, this book uses a rhythmic story line to teach kids what playing nice actually looks like.



More favorites from the “How Do Dinosaurs” book series:




An awesome collection of dinosaur books for kids includes both non-fiction and fiction titles that inform and inspire kids of all ages.  I hope you’ve been inspired to start building your collection using the books listed above.  Do you have a favorite dinosaur book? Leave a comment below and let us know.  We love to be inspired by new books!


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