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5 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

As a mom, I promise these 5 easy Mother’s Day crafts are mom approved,  and kid proofed!




Since we recently moved to the mountains, my favorite crafting stores are no longer just a short drive away.  Not only are we further away from everything, but a lot of stores are temporarily closed.

To make things work, Skyler and I took a trip to the nearest genera; store to find things to use for our easy Mother’s Day crafts.  We wanted to do a combination of DIY gifts for Mom, and simple crafts Mom will cherish forever.

Throughout the post, you will see links to get your FREE Mother’s Day printables.  Enjoy!


1.  Tickled Pink Gifts for Mom

This was one of the funnest gifts to put together.  Once we decided on the pink basket, we were on a mission to find everything pink that a mom would want.  A Tickled Pink basket could easily overflow with pink gifts for mom.  Because we are on a budget, I told Skyler to pick 5 items that she would want to give me for Mother’s Day.  It was kind of awkward to purchase my own gifts, but it was all about the fun and time spent together.


She picked out pink flip flops, EOS lip gloss, pink nail polish, a pink mason jar cup, and a small pink that smells wonderful!  I even let her pick out the tissue paper to fill the basket with, and she picked out the cutest pink polkadot tissue paper.  When checking out, she grabbed the sweetest little balloon to add to the gift basket for Mom.



Get your FREE Tickled Pink Mother’s Day tag, HERE.


Our basket was simple, and I love it.  If you’re looking for ideas on what to put in a Tickled Pink Basket, below is a list of things that are pink.


Things That Are Pink







2.  DIY Picture Frame

We keep plenty of craft supplies in our house at all times.  One of the more popular items are the colored craft sticks.  Today, we used them to make a cute DIY picture frame.  This meaningful gift was also one of the most easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

You can also find this DIY picture holder in the list of 50 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Kids


Choose whichever colors the mom in your family would like best.  To brighten things up, Skyler chose every color of the rainbow.  Making a picture frame from popsicle sticks is a great way to get the kids involved when making a gift for mom.



This picture frame made from popsicle sticks is an easy Mother’s Day craft.

To make the popsicle stick picture frame you will need:


For our frame, we used 10 craft sticks, plus 2 on the back of the frame to hold everything together.  Put a line up the sticks in the order you want them.  Then, use a hot glue gun to glue the 2 sticks across (in the opposite direction of the frame).  Once dried, out magnetic tape on the two support sticks.





Next, glue down the mini clip in the top-center of the frame.  When ready, print out a picture mom will love (wallet size).  This picture of my girls, even though it was taken in 2013, is still one of my favorites!


Once we put the picture into place, we decided to add decorative buttons to the top right corner of the popsicle stick frame.  This homemade Mother’s Day gift is so cute, and will be around for years to come.  Mom can hang it on her refrigerator, or take it to work to hang it on a filing cabinet.



3.  Mothers Day Candy Ideas

There’s not too many moms that will turn down a candy gift for Mother’s Day, especially chocolate.  Did you know chocolate is one of the most popular gifts for moms and teachers?


Once in a while, every Mom would love to sneak off and have a bite of her favorite candy.  With this Emergency Stash kit, she’ll be able to do just that!  And, to make it an even better, she can use the storage container when her stash runs out!  Clearly, this is a winner on the list of easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids to make.



For a Mom’s Emergency Stash chocolate and candy gift, you will need:



Simply fill the container with her favorite treats, print out the free tags, glue them onto construction paper, and tape them to the container.  I taped the “Happy Mother’s Day” tag to the outside, and the “Mom’s Emergency Stash” to the inside of the lid.  Easy peasy- – but a winner, for sure!




4.  Easy Mother’s Day Crafts: Clay Jewelry

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts from my oldest daughter is a clay jewelry box she made me.  Actually, it was her step-mom that helped her make me a butterfly jewelry box. How awesome is that?



Today, my youngest daughter and I made a clay lanyard that turned out adorable!  This lanyard kit, by Scarlet of Eden, was sent to me as a gift. It turned out to be the perfect craft to do with my daughter.  She decided on the pattern, and wanted to make a heart on the top! We both loved working on this together.






There are many easy Mother’s Day crafts you can make from clay.  If inexperienced, get your kid a beginners pottery kit, and let them create something special for Mom.  Whatever it is, she will love it!


5.   Mother’s Day Handprint Poem

This easy Mother’s Day craft will be cherished for years to come, and it costs just a couple dollars. 

After reading the Mother’s Day poem for kids, it was time to start painting. 

I simply used the brushed one of the colors onto the palm of her hand using the paint brush.  Then, carefully put her hand into the open space to leave a hand print. To finish this easy Mothers Day craft, I repeated the process on her other hand using the other color she had selected.



Get your printable handprint poem for Mother’s Day, HERE.



Along with the handprint poem for mom, you could also have your little kiddos make this “I love you to pieces” printable craft and writing activity.  Let your kiddos tear up construction paper to show Mom’s favorite colors!  Then, they glue the pieces into the heart, and write why they love Mom 🙂 If they are too little to write, they can tell you, and you can write it in for them.




Get your “I Love You to Pieces” printable, HERE.





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