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7 Fun Spring Activities for Kindergarten

The weather is warming up, and you’re ready to introduce Spring activities to your kindergarten kiddos.  Stick around, and I’ll show you Spring activities that will keep the learning fun!




As I do in all of my blog posts about seasonal activities and resources, I will show you each printable resource that’s included in the Kindergarten Spring Activities Bundle.  There will be a link for each resource individually throughout the post.  At the end of this post, you will see a link to purchase the money-saving bundle – which includes everything you will see in this blog post.


Spring Vocabulary

Let’s start with activities that build Spring vocabulary.  Throughout my years of teaching kindergarten, it became clear children often struggle with vocabulary.  To help build the kiddos language about Spring, I came up with a list of Spring vocabulary words that were most commonly used.

The vocabulary words used in this Spring activity center, Making Words, are:

  • bunny
  • butterfly
  • basket
  • eggs
  • umbrella
  • rain boots
  • Earth Day
  • rain
  • snail
  • flower


These illustrated vocabulary cards can be used in many ways.  For example, keep them in a writing center, and encourage your kiddos to write the words and draw pictures. Hang them on a seasonal bulletin board, use them for a pocket chart activity, or place them in a word building center along with magnetic letters, and have them build the words.  One resource, one low price, and lots of ways to use it….winner!





I loved making blank mini-books to leave in the writing center.  Take a few pieces of blank paper, but them in half, fold and staple.  There ya go, easy booklets to keep in your Spring writing center.  Add some stickers, markers, and crayons, and they will love coming up with their own book about Spring.


Along with these 10 Spring vocabulary picture cards, included in this Making Words activity, you will also get 10 printable Spring worksheets.




The kiddos will cut and paste letter tiles to build the Spring vocabulary words.  Cutting these letter tiles will help build fine motor skills, and building the word will improve their concepts of print, such as left to right and letter formation.




After building the words, they write the word, and draw a picture!  I like to encourage them to add more details to their drawings.  We talk about the details in storybook pictures are often the clues to the setting.




If you want to challenge your kiddos, have them write a sentence rather than simply writing the word.  Below is an example of how easy it is to differentiate these Making Words Spring activities.


Melissa M. said: “Good addition to the writing center! Thanks!”



Get your Making Words Spring activity, HERE.


Spring Centers: Write the Room

Getting the kids up and moving around is so important, especially after the long Winter months of being stuck inside.  Write the Room is another must-have in your collection of Spring activities for kindergarten.


Simply hang the vocabulary cards around the room, give each kiddo a recording sheet and clipboard, and watch as they have fun while building their writing skills.  To help save you time, and meet the needs of your kiddos, this Spring Write the Room is leveled.


The level 1 cards have a picture and a word.  As the kiddos walk around the room, they look for the Spring illustrated word cards. As they find them, they copy the word onto their recording sheet next to the corresponding picture.




Level 2 cards do not have the word.  When the kids find the pictures around the room, they write the words independently using inventive spelling.




Better yet, you can choose which recording sheet you’d like for Level 2.  Use the one with the pictures (above), or use the one with only the beginning sounds (below).  If using the recording sheet with the beginning sounds, the kiddos have to search for pictures that start with that beginning sound.  You’ll love how much fun the kiddos have with this Spring Write the Room!


Brittany W. said: “I love that this product is differentiated! My students who are ready to look at pictures and write the word have their set and my students who need more support are able to find the pictures and copy the words. Thank you for the differentiated product!”



Get your Spring Write the Room, HERE.


Sight Word Search Spring Worksheets

At this time of year, your kiddos are becoming readers.  They are fluent with the first kindergarten sight words, such as I, can, my, etc.  Now, your kindergartners are reading short, predictable, text, and building their sight word fluency.




These Spring worksheets make the perfect sight word review activity.  They are quick and easy printables that you’ll want in your collection of Spring activities for kindergarten.


There are 5 worksheets in this Spring Sight Word Search resource.  You could use one a week, or one a day.  If you assign kindergarten homework, this would be a quick and simple activity that doesn’t require all of the parents’ precious time.




Other than homework worksheets for kindergarten, you can use these sight word Spring worksheets as morning work, early finisher work, give to parent volunteers to do with the kiddos, or as a whole class mini-lesson to review tracking print left to right.


Erin C. said:Such a great way to reinforce sight words!”



Get your Sight Word Search Spring Worksheets, HERE.


Spring Poems for Kids

If you haven’t heard, I love using poetry and nursery rhymes to engage and teach kiddos how to read.  Check out My 10 Favorite Nursery Rhymes, HERE.


To enhance your Spring activities bundle, I’ve included one of the kiddos favorite Build a Poems, Springtime.  This poem, also seen in my post about Spring poems for kids, is sung to the tune of “Are you sleeping?”




When introducing this poem, I first like to create a Spring anchor chart with the kiddos.  Simply record as the kiddos dictate what reminds them of Springtime.  This is a harder season for the kids to grasp, so you may only have a few answers…and that’s totally ok.  Next to their recorded words, I also draw simple pictures to help them when referencing the poster.


Here is where you will put on your best kindergarten teacher happy face, and pretend to be so shocked that some of their responses (birds, flowers, etc) are also in this Springtime Build a Poem.  It would go something like this, “Oh my goodness, kids, look….this poem has some of the same words you told me about Spring.  Look how smart you all are!!!”



That will be all it takes to bridge into your language arts lesson with excitement. Now, the kids are ready as you do a mini-lesson on building the poem using the large word cards.  After a whole group, mini-lesson, this Build a Poem will now become the best Spring center ever!


Melissa D. said: “Thank you so much for this awesome resource! My students are going to love their poetry center now!”

Mary Jane L. said: “I love your pocket chart poems, thank you!”



Get your Springtime Build-a-Poem, HERE.



Spring Math Centers

Numbers to 20 Task Cards

These Numbers to 20 Spring math task cards are the best Spring and Easter math game for Kindergarten and 1st grade! Students count “how many” objects on each card, and write the number on their recording sheet.




Many uses for these cards, including math centers, morning work activities, early finishers, home-school activity bags, SCOOT, count and write the room, guided math groups, BUILD, and assessments.


In the picture below, you’ll see the new recording sheet that comes with your Numbers to 20 Spring math center.  Now, when your early finishers are done, rather than getting out of their seat to tell you they are done, they can color the Spring picture.


Get your Numbers to 20 Spring math task cards, HERE.


Addition to 10 Spring Math Center

These task cards: Addition to 10, actively engage the students in Counting and Cardinality and Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards. Students solve the addition sentences, and write the sum on their recording sheet.


There is a number line along the top of the recording sheet to serve as a visual to help the kiddos solve these kindergarten number equations.


Allison D. said “love these!”



Get your Addition to 10 Spring Math Center, HERE.


Building Sentences: Worksheets on Spring

Building Sentences: Flowers and Plants is a no-prep Spring writing center that supports your science, non-fiction, lessons. Differentiate your centers in a breeze…leveled work is included!

These Spring worksheet activities reinforce emergent reading and writing skills, such as concepts of print, sight word recognition, punctuation, and illustrating to represent sentences.




Students cut and paste word tiles to build sentences about flowers and plants: one sentence on each page. When done, they draw an illustration, and write the sentence.





Above Level worksheets do not have the sentences printed. More challenging for the kids, they will identify the word tiles, and put the words in order to make a sentence on their own.





At Level (below) worksheets include the sentence at the top of the page.


Danielle M. said: “I LOVE how these are leveled! I use them for differentiated ELA stations. Awesome product!”

Sally H. said:This was a very useful resource for kindergarten and first grade.”



Get your Building Sentences: Flowers and Plants worksheets, HERE.


Free Easter Worksheet

If you choose to purchase this Spring Activities Bundle for your kindergartners, you will also get a FREE CVC Easter Egg worksheet! My friend, Amanda, also has a blog post with more Easter egg activities. You can visit her post, here.




To sum things up, these Spring activities for kindergarten will keep the learning fun, while also keeping the kiddos actively engaged…freeing up more time for you to work with your small groups.


Please note, if you are reading this from your phone, you will not be able to purchase the individual Spring activities from TPT.  Teachers Pay Teachers doesn’t allow purchased through their mobile app.  Save the Kindergarten Spring Bundle to your cart, then visit from a desktop.  Or, you can purchase the bundle from me directly (from your phone or computer) using the link below.


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