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5 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Thanks to COVID-19, we are stuck in the house, and you’re likely looking for fun Easter crafts for kids to stay entertained.  Look no more, friend, I’ve got some fun and easy crafts you can get started on today.


1. Peep House

This Easter craft also makes the perfect Easter snack for kids!  With just a few basic ingredients, your kiddos can create these adorable peep houses. I’ll admit, the houses don’t stay together as easily as you’d think.  Once you have them adhered together with the icing, hold them in place for a moment and be patient 🙂





Items you will need to make these adorable peep houses:




How to make Peep Houses

  • Cover the table – Like most fun Easter crafts for kids, these peep houses can get a little messy.  Cover your work space with a plastic table cloth, newspaper, or simply make sure each kid has a paper plate to work on.
  • Build the base – Each kiddo will use 3 graham crackers, broken into 6 halves.  You will use the icing to “glue” the 3 walls onto the base of the house. Once this step is done, set it aside to allow the icing to harden.
  • Build the roof – After setting aside the base of the house, you can begin building the roof. To begin, simply use the icing to glue the two halves together, forming a rooftop.  Once formed, you can glue the roof onto the base of the house.
  • Decorate your peep house – Give your kiddos edible Easter grass to put down inside the peep house.  There are different color options when purchasing edible grass.  There is not much flavor, but it is better than plastic grass ending up in the landfills.
  • Carefully place your peep into the house, and use jelly beans for finishing off the peep house decorations.







2. Easter Bookmarks and Pointers

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy Easter craft for kids, this is the one for you.  With only a couple materials you can make 2 separate crafts; an Easter bookmark and an Easter pointer.



Items needed to make Easter bookmarks and pointers:



How to Make Easter Bookmarks:

  • Choose your stick – Allow your kiddo to choose which color stick he/she wants to use.  If you are using plain craft sticks, simply have your kiddo color the stick any way they’d like.
  • Put Easter stickers on – Choose 2 of the same foam Easter stickers.  Peel the paper backing from one sticker.  Turn the sticker over, and lay it flat onto the surface (sticky side up).  Place the top of the craft stick in the center of the sticker, and press down firmly.  Next, peel the backing from the second sticker. Carefully position it over the first sticker, aligning the sticky backs together.  Press down firmly, and you are done!

Use them as an Easter themed bookmark, or as a pointer to use when tracking words, or doing Write the Room activities.




 3.  Easter Pom Pom Crafts

We love shopping at Joanne’s for seasonal crafts and decorations! (Not sponsored; just truly big fans.)  While there for Spring decorations, we stumbled across the cutest little activity amongst their Easter crafts for kids.




Pick up an Easter Pom-Pom craft kit, and you’re ready to go!

If your kiddos love doing learning crafts like these, you would also enjoy Sparkling in Primary’s post about Easter eggs. The kids can make Easter chicks, bunnies, or dogs.  Although the detail stickers, such as cheeks, ears, etc. had sticky backing, I used a hot glue gun to reinforce the pieces.




My daughter and her friend loved making these little crafts.   After they made the pom pom characters, they used them as props in their Easter play they put on in my living room.  🙂  Considering we are all experiencing lock down due to the Corona Virus, you could order these online, and have them for a fun indoor Easter activity for home.



4.  Bead Bracelets for Easter

As you may have seen on my other crafts for kids posts, I love setting out materials for bead bracelets.




Materials for Easter Bead Bracelets:




The kids are free to make any type of Easter bracelet they’d like.  My daughter and her friend sat down at the kitchen table to make these pipe cleaner bracelets.  Skyler made a word bracelet, while her friend made one out of what she said were “Easter colors”.  Both turned out so cute!




5. Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting

Painting with pom poms is fun for all ages.  Then, to make it more fun, add in clothespins.  Using clothespins and pom poms to paint is a great way to minimize the mess, and build fine motor skills.

What you need to do Easter pom-pom paintings:

To get started, we first covered the kitchen table with a large white poster board.  Although painting with pom-poms is not as messy as paint brushes and cups of water, there will still be a little mess.  Getting messy is part of the fun!




Next, we cut out the free Easter egg printables, and put the paint into the paint trays.




Once the Easter eggs were cut, and the paint was put into the trays, it was time to get started on this fun Easter painting craft for kids.  Use the clothespins to dip the pom-poms into the paint, and begin painting your Easter egg.





Keep your kiddos entertained during these crazy times with these 5 fun Easter crafts.  From peep houses to painting Easter eggs, these are crafts that have simple materials, and require little prep.


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