This Kindergarten Crate is Over the Rainbow Awesome

You’ve heard me talk about my love for Kindergarten Crate, but this month’s box is over the rainbow awesome! If you’re looking for rainbow activities for PreK, Kindergarten, or First Grade, check out these goodies, and grab your discount code at the end of this post to get your Kindergarten Crate teacher box.




Inside the March Kindergarten Crate Box

When this teacher subscription box arrives at your door, you’ll want to grab it and open it up right away.  Whether for in the classroom, or to be used with your kiddos at home, there are so many fun activities inside your March box.

Here’s a list of what you’ll get in the Rainbow themed box:

  • Rainbow of my Own – book
  • Reading response sheets
  • Rainbow mini erasers
  • Skittles
  • Plastic plate
  • Rainbow peepholes – a prism light activity
  • Twirling rainbow ribbon
  • Rainbow rhyming puzzles
  • Making 10 with rainbow erasers worksheet
  • Science observation worksheet
  • Magnetic labels
  • Rainbow pencils
  • A Teacher tee




Let’s take a look at some of these awesome rainbow activities below.


Rainbow Book for Kids

Every month, Kindergarten Crate finds the most adorable books to go along with their themed box.  This month, the book is A Rainbow of my Own, by Don Freeman.




In this book, a little boy imagines what it would be like to have a rainbow of his own.  When he returns home, he is pleasantly surprised when he sees a real rainbow shining on his bedroom wall.



Ben and Larissa left the following feedback about Rainbow of My Own…“The text makes it quite clear which parts are in the child’s imagination and what really happens, which is a great way to support preschoolers and toddlers who are learning to delineate between what is real and what is pretend. There is about a sentence or two on each page and it’s a quick but delightful read. I would recommend this for ages 2.5 through 5.”


Rainbow Writing Response Sheet

When you get your March Kindergarten Crate, you will get a class set of these Rainbow Reading and Writing Response Sheets.  Yes, friend, you get a class set…which means you don’t have to wait for your coworker to make 25 class books at the copier machine.  The copies are already made for you.  You simply read aloud Rainbow of My Own, and pass out the response sheet.




This is the perfect opportunity  to talk to your kiddos about what they would do if they had a rainbow of their own.  On the response sheet, your kiddos will draw an illustrate and write about what they would do.   When done, this would make an adorable class book to keep in your classroom library.  Or, you could make this a class book that travels back and forth between home and school.


My kiddos loved taking home class books to share with their families.  Staple a comments page inside the class book, and encourage parents to comment on the kids’ work.  I have a letter that goes home with every class book, explaining to the parents what it is, and what the expectations are.   You can check out my Parent Letter for Traveling Class Books, HERE.

Skittle Rainbow Experiment

When I first saw the box of skittles included in the Kindergarten Crate box, I thought it was a sweet teacher treat.  Then, after looking through the activity sheets, I was more excited to learn they are for a Making Rainbows experiment for the kiddos!


My daughter squealed with excitement when she, too, realized she was going to get to do “that cool skittles with water” activity. 🙂


First, place the skittles into a circle on the plastic plate.  Then, slowly pour warm water over the skittles, and watch as a rainbow of colored water forms.




Encourage the kiddos to make predictions and record their observations to keep the learning fun!  A science observation sheet is also included in your March Kindergarten Crate box.




Rainbow Light Activity

Starting in kindergarten, kiddos are expected to demonstrate an understanding of scientific inquiry, identify observed objects by using senses, and predict and explain information based on observations.




These cute little rainbow peepholes, included in your Kindergarten Crate, make the perfect science activity for small groups or in a center.

The kiddos observe what happens when they look through the peepholes while looking into the light.  You can use the science observation worksheet for this activity, too!




If you are interested in science kits for kids, you can check out my blog post, 5 Fun Stem Science Kits for Kids.



Rainbow Math Activities

Grab those adorable rainbow mini-erasers and your Making 10 Rainbow worksheet, because it’s time for rainbow math! My daughter loved finding ways to make 10 with the rainbow erasers.




Your kiddos will love using the mini erasers and rainbow visual to find all the combinations that equal 10.


Rainbow Supplies

Along with the many rainbow-themed activities and worksheets I highlighted above, there are even more inside your March Kindergarten Crate subscription box for teachers.  For example, there is a rainbow teacher t-shirt, a rhyming puzzle activity, rainbow pencils, a rainbow twirling ribbon, and rainbow magnetic labels.




The rainbow twirling ribbon is perfect for your sensory-based activities.   Leave it in a center, or call on students during a whole class activity, to draw letters in the air while wearing the ribbon on their wrist.




My daughter, of course, is taking it to the next level, and wants to wear it in her hair on St. Patrick’s Day.  I told her she can wear it to school, and recite the “I’m a Little Leprechaun” poem to her classmates.  If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day poems for kids, check out my post, HERE.




The magnetic labels are awesome, too! As soon as I saw them, I thought how perfect they would be for my Question of the Day activities! In the set of 185 yes and no questions, there are even questions that encourage thought and discussion about leprechauns and rainbows.


Kindergarten Crate Coupon Code

Thank you for checking out all of these awesome rainbow themed activities and supplies!  If you’d like to get a Kindergarten Crate box, click HERE, and enter the code CORNER to get 10% off your order 🙂




Enjoy Your Kindergarten Crate!