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8 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kindergarten

St. Patrick’s Day is creeping up, and you’re searching for all the fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten.  No worries, friend!  I have put together a master list of St. Patrick’s Day activities, worksheets, books, and crafts to help save you time and money!


St. Patrick’s Day Activities

I’m a Little Leprechaun

Ok, friends, I am going to start with my absolute favorite St. Patrick’s Day activity.  If you follow me on Instagram (@littlelearningcorner), then you can probably guess what I want to share with you.

Let’s imagine the kindergarten scenario…you give your kiddos a reading and word work activity to complete while you are working with a small group.  Problems quickly arise as the kiddos become frustrated, and feel as though they “can’t read”.  Then, before you know it, they are interrupting your guided reading group with tears and whining that they don’t want to do their work.


Addition and Subtraction St. Patrick’s Day Task Cards

Get out your leprechaun mini-erasers and plastic gold coins…it’s time to to keep the learning fun with these St. Patrick’s Day Math Task Cards!



Oh my goodness, you have so many options with these kindergarten and first grade math task cards!  Use them as a scoot game, count the room, in a math center, or as a whole group review activity.

Choose from addition within 10, or subtraction within 10, and get ready for the fun St. Patrick’s Day activities to begin!

Teaching addition and subtraction in kindergarten takes a lot of patience and repetition. Thankfully, there are so many ways to use these St. Patrick’s Day task cards, that the kids won’t get bored!




Kiddos learn through visual and concrete experiences.  When practicing adding and subtraction, they can use mini-erasers as a concrete tool, but also use the number line at the top of the recording sheet as a visual support!




Try using both sets (found in the St. Patrick’s Day Kindergarten Bundle), for extra practice.  Now, you don’t have to waste more time searching for both addition and subtraction; they are both right here.


Numbers to 20 St. Patrick’s Day Task Cards

Whaaaatt?? Three low-prep math centers for St. Patrick’s Day all in one spot? Yasss, friends, yes! I am here to save you time and money as you keep the learning fun.

Not only will you have a subtraction and addition center, here is another St. Patrick’s Day math center for kindergarten!  The kiddos count the set of objects on the card and write the number on the recording sheet.




I use task cards in both small groups and whole class lessons.  If you’d like more info on using task cards, you can read my post, How To Use Task Cards in the Classroom.


St. Patrick’s Day Write the Room

Whether a stay at home mom searching for St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids, or a kindergarten teacher looking to engage your active writers, you will love this St. Patrick’s Day Write the Room.

My youngest daughter loves doing this St. Patrick’s Day hunt (as she calls it) around the house.  I tell her the leprechaun snuck into the house while she was playing, placed the picture cards all over, and hid a special treat for her when she fills up her recording sheet.

When the kiddos are at lunch or recess, quickly hang the 8 cards around the room.  When they come back to the classroom, you can read them a St. Patrick’s Day book, then send them on their way to write the words around the room.

I’ve also included a St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheet in this resource.  I originally created it to be copied onto the back of the recording sheet.  This gives your early finishers something to do, so they don’t interrupt you while waiting for centers to be done.

You can also copy the coloring sheet for morning work, or have setting out on St. Patrick’s Day when the kiddos enter the room.


St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

Sight Word Search

Some days, you simply want print and go St. Patrick’s Day worksheets for morning work, homework, centers, or seat work.  These St. Patrick’s Day sight word worksheets are perfect for all of the above.  They, too, are included in the St. Patrick’s Day Kindergarten Bundle.

I love these sight word hunts to practice concepts of print, as well as kindergarten sight words.  As early readers, concepts of print can sometimes be tricky for the kiddos.  Unless redirected, their eyes want to scan all over a page, and don’t track left to right.  It’s a concept that needs constant practice as they are learning how to read in kindergarten.



Making Words St. Patrick’s Day Writing Center

Remember earlier in the post when we talked about kids being off-task and interrupting you while you’re doing guided reading groups, because they can’t complete the activities independently?  Well, along with the Build a Poems, Making Words is another one of my favorite independent, engaging, centers in kindergarten. Making Words are low-prep worksheets, meaning all you have to do is simply print them out!  Print and go centers is a time saver for any teacher!

The kiddos cut and paste the scrambled word tiles to build a March vocabulary word, such as leprechaun.  Then, they write the word, and draw a picture to go with it.



Do you have kiddos ready for more than copying a word? No problem, you can have them write a sentence using the St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary word. For example, rather than copying the word “rainbow”, they would write a sentence such as “I see the rainbow.”




Then, in addition to the 10 printable making words worksheets, you also get illustrated vocabulary cards in this resource.  I love using them in my writing center, in a pocket chart, or setting them out near a sensory bin.

St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Rainbow Sticker Charts

Now, you have lots of St. Patrick’s Day activities for kindergarten, but we can’t forget about keeping classroom management under control.   These printable rainbow sticker charts can do just that!  Here’s what other teachers have said about these sticker charts:

Kimberly H. said: “These are working great in my classroom! I choose one problem on their workshop assignments daily, and if they have done it correctly, they get a signature. When they fill up their card, they get to choose a candy. This has kept everyone on track and not skipping assignments.”

Audrey H. said: “Love that there are 10 spaces in a ten frame format!”






Whew!  Those St. Patrick’s Day activities are sure to keep your kiddos engaged and excited for the leprechaun to come visit!  Let’s take one more look at the 8 St. Patrick’s Day activities included in this Kindergarten Bundle.

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