15 Easy Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Regardless of skill levels, these cute Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are a fun way to tell someone special, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Here, you will find plenty of great ideas for fun projects, such as Valentine cards, love bugs, handprint crafts, and much more.

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Since Valentines Day is all about showing your loved ones how much you care about them, it’s important to remember a Valentines gift from kids to the parent.


I Love You to Pieces

I love you to pieces is an easy peasy, fun craft, for young kids to make and take home on Valentines Day. Kids first address the Valentine’s day heart craft to a family member or loved one. Then, complete the sentence ” I love you to pieces, because _______”, and fill in the heart with different colors of torn construction paper.

Best of all, the kiddos love tearing their own construction paper into tiny pieces. I especially love Valentines Day crafts for kids, such as I Love You to Pieces, because kids also build fine motor skills when tearing and handling the small pieces of paper.

Get “I Love You to Pieces” template, HERE or on TPT.

Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts

Friendship Bracelets

These friendship bracelets make a fun DIY Valentines craft kids of all ages. Set out some pipe cleaners and heart beads for a simple Valentines Day activity. In fact, this is also a fun idea for a friendship party at elementary schools.  You can integrate learning with this easy Valentine’s Day craft with more beads and a little creativity. The beads make it a great way to build the fine motor skills in their little hands.  They can also build Valentine’s Day vocabulary words, such as love and friends, using an arrangement of letter beads.


Heart Shapes Pointers

If you are looking for a cheap DIY Valentines Day gift for kids, these heart pointers are the answer!

The kids can use this with their leveled books, in a classroom library, during guided reading lessons, or take home to read words around the house.

This easy Valentines Day craft would also be great for read and write the room activities. They can carry their heart pointer around with them, pointing to, and writing, Valentine vocabulary words.


To make a Valentines Day pointer, you will need crafting sticks, foam sticker hearts, and markers.

Simply put a foam sticker at the top of the craft stick, flip it over, and repeat. When done, there will be a foam heart sticker on both sides! Then, allow the kiddos to decorate their craft stick with markers.

Heart Shaped Cookies:

This easy Valentines Day craft is also a simple Valentine’s Day treat your kiddos will love! Set out some sugar cookies, a couple bowls of icing, and some sprinkles, and watch as your kiddos have so much fun together! Sure, it can be messy, but it’s all about the fun and memories!

Finger Painting Love Sign:

This fun valentines craft makes a great gift for loved ones. Visit the craft store to get tape, white paper, and finger paints to make this easy project. I believe card stock is the best choice!  This example is from SolisPlusOne.

Yarn Wrapped Heart:

I love incorporating sensory-based play into learning activities. Simply tape a piece of Valentines Day Ombre yarn to the back of the heart, and let the kids begin wrapping the yard around the cardboard heart. They repeat this over and over, and in all directions, until they have a full yarn heart. When done, tie a knot to make sure it doesn’t unravel. You can also create a loop at the top to make yarn heart ornaments.



Heart Shaped Bird Feeders:

It’s the perfect time of year for this cute idea, because birds are searching for food to keep them full over the Winter months. Small children, or the whole family, can work together on these easy Valentine crafts.

Paper Plate Heart Wreath:

Get your paper plates and foam hearts ready for fun crafting time with the kids. Listen-and-respond crafts, which require step-by-step directions, are fun, but require a lot of your attention. This heart wreath is an easy Valentines Day craft the kids can do on their own, and the finished products will still turn out cute!


Teachers, you most likely you have assessments or report card comments to be working on. Parents, you have a ton of things to get done around the house, such as laundry, cleaning, bills to pay, and dinner to make. Either way, friends, this is an easy craft you can set out, and let the kiddos work on independently. This Valentines heart wreath will keep them busy, and free you up to tackle that to-do list! All you need are foam heart stickers and paper plates! Simply cut the inner circle out of the plate, and have the kiddos place the foam hearts all around the outside.

Handprint Valentines Day Poem

This printable poem for is the perfect Valentines day gift for parents from kids.  Use paint to make a handprint, or trace the kid’s hand and let them color it in.


Get this printable poem, HERE or on TPT.

Another great Valentines Day poem is this adorable heart fingerprint poem.


Get the heart fingerprint poem, HERE.

Paper Hearts Crafts for Kids


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