30 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids under $10

Love is in the air, glittery hearts are being hung, and it’s time to stock your bookshelves with Valentine’s Day books for kids!

From books about love and friendship, to funny jokes about Valentines, these books will keep your kiddos entertained while keeping your wallet happy!

That’s right, friends, I have found 30 Valentine’s Day books for kids under $10 (at time of post).


If you’re in a hurry, you can check out the books, HERE, in my amazon storefront.  Want to know more about each sweet book, then read on to see brief summaries.

Favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Who doesn’t love to get snugged up with their best friend, and hear an adorable story? These valentine books are a great way to celebrate friendship. This book list includes favorite picture books for early readers, and read aloud books with kids’ favorite characters.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!: The famous mouse from the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series, is back again. This time, he is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone he loves, including his most cherished animal friends. With little words, and great pictures, this book will capture the attention of your kiddos!

  • Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool!: This popular cat doesn’t think Valentines Day is all that cool, until he realizes just how many awesome cats he has in his life. Pete then works hard to make all of his special cats Valentines Day cards. Your kiddos can make Pete the Cat Valentine’s cards, too! This books comes with a poster, punch out Valentines Day cards, and stickers!

  • Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar: As a huge Eric Carle fan, this is a must-have on my list of Valentine’s Day books for kids. Using adorable illustrations from the World of Eric Carle collection, this book says “I love you” in the most beautiful ways!

  • The Day it Rained Hearts: I love Felicia Bond books! Naturally, this was a no-brainer when building my collection of Valentine’s Day books for kids. Cornellia Augusta, the main character, goes outside on the day it rains hearts. She catches the hearts and has a special plan. Sure enough, all of her favorite animal friends receive the most special valentines. If you are doing a book comparison, this would be good to pair up with Pete the Cat, listed above. He, too, makes Valentines for his animal friends.

  • The Night Before Valentine’s Day: This is a great book to read to your kiddos the day before their Valentines parties in the classroom. Nowadays, school administration often refers to this day as a Friendship Party for kids.

  • The Biggest Valentine Ever: If you are teaching your kids about teamwork, this Valentines book for kids is the perfect way to introduce your lessons. Clayton and Desmond, the main characters, work hard to create the most beautiful Valentines Day gift for the teacher, but run into some problems. After getting upset and feeling like they want to give up, they learn working together is the best solution to come up with the biggest Valentine ever!

  • The Invisible String: This popular, and highly rated, children’s Valentine’s Day book can be found in millions of classrooms! The Invisible String is a best-selling picture book about the unbreakable connections we have with loved ones. This book, recommended by school teachers, parents, school psychologists, child therapists, and social workers, puts a beautiful perspective on coping with anxiety, loss, and grief. A true book about love!

  • Love Monster: Get your kiddos imagination going with this cute Valentines book. Your kiddos will go along the journey with the love monster as he searches for someone to love him just the way he is. As a follow up activity, or Valentines Day party craft, you could do a monster glyph with your kiddos.

  • Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink: Teach your kiddos about second chances, and turning things around for the positive. Valentine’s Day is about friendship. To support that, this book shows that even if you’ve not been very kind to someone in the past, there is always a way to be kind and start a friendship.

  • Ollie’s Valentine: Sweet Ollie searches for his Valentine, while his friends already their special someone.

Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers and Preschool

  • Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger!: Kids love Daniel Tiger! Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day books for toddlers and preschoolers, or Valentine’s Day books for kindergarten, this will be your kiddos’ favorite! This sweet board book has interactive flaps, shiny red foil accents, and a loving message to be shared!

  • Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts: Pinkalicious never fails! Leave it to her to create the most pinktacular Valentine’s Day card for friends!

  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose: With rhyming patterns, and a story line perfect for sequencing, the old lady has done it again! She swallows item after item that all turns out to be one special Valentine!!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George!: Celebrate George and his family as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, it wouldn’t be a classic Curious George book if there wasn’t some type of mischief that happens. As they work to make cards, bake Valentines treats, and decorate, that curious little monkey gets himself into trouble, once again. This is a board book with fold-out flaps, revealing fun surprises. This is also a great choice for kiddos who loves sensory-based books, as there are shiny red foil pieces throughout the book!


Funny Valentine’s Day Books

Young children love a good laugh and new friends. You’ll be sure to find a cute story that makes any little boy or little girl laugh and have a happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Duck and Hippo: The Secret Valentine: This hardcover Valentines book for little kids is usually priced around $17.99. But the holidays, you can snag it up for half off! Hippo and his friends, duck, elephant, pig, and turtle, are off to solve a Valentines mystery. Who is sending Hippo and his friends these secret Valentine messages? They meet up at the park for the special surprise. This is a great book for making predictions and encouraging friendship.

  • Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime: No, that is not a misspelling, friends. That is how Junie B. Jones pronounces it…ValentiMe. This is part of a popular first grade reading series, that kids can’t get enough of. In fact, I will be giving this as a Valentines Day gift for my daughter. She loves reading, and loves all the silly stories about Junie B. This, along with some cute Valentine’s Day stickers, would be a great Valentines gift for kids.

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Your young readers will love a sweet story and a Valentine’s Day card to share with you and their special friends.

These Valentine’s Day books for kids are the perfect way to support your Valentine’s Day kindergarten activities, crafts, and Valentines poems for kids. Visit your local library to stock up your little learners with the best valentine new books.

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