25 Winter Books for Kids under $15

The snow is falling, your snowman decorations are out, and you’re ready to stock your bookshelves with Winter books for kids.  As a kindergarten teacher, I had to be extra creative to keep the kiddos engaged in fun learning activities throughout the long Winter season. \

I selected interactive activities, and stocked my bookshelf with informational and read aloud books about Winter and Winter holidays.  \

Keeping your budget in mind, I have compiled a list of 25 Winter books for kids under $15.



Nonfiction Winter Books for Kids

Winter is the perfect time for kids to build on their understanding about weather and seasons.  Depending on where you live, taking your kiddos outside during a beautiful snowfall is one of the best ways to teach kids about Winter.  The science of Winter is amazing, and can captivate the learning of kids of all ages.

Here are 4 informational books about Winter to inspire curiosity and teach the facts about Winter.


Snowman Books Read Aloud

I can’t help but smile thinking about the amount of joy kids get out of building a snowman.  Even if they have never built a snowman, they can imagine themselves using the snow to create friendly snowman.

Many parents and teachers take advantage of this heightened sense of imagination when teaching how to build a snowman.  “How to” writing prompts, funny read alouds about snowmen, and snowman crafts for kids are all you need to keep the learning fun!

Pick your favorite snowman books to read aloud, and don’t forget to introduce your kiddos to The Chubby Little Snowman!


Winter Books for Kids

The following Winter Books are some of my favorites!  With these books, there are endless opportunities to build vocabulary and language skills, do mini author studies, have interactive retells with props, integrate math, and so on!


Groundhogs Day Books for Kids

Groundhogs Day is a tradition celebrated in the United States and Canada on Feb. 2nd of each year.

Based on whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, the Winter season may be coming to an end or there are still 6 more weeks of Winter to go! I typically read aloud a couple books, and teach a Groundhogs Day poem for kids.

If you’re interested in more books for Winter holidays, my friend, Amanda, from Sparkling in Primary, has a blog post “3 Children’s Books for Hanukkah”.  You can read her post, here.


Martin Luther King Books for Kids


Martin Luther King Poem for Kids

Use this simple poem to teach the message about friendship and getting along regardless of the color of our skin! This Martin Luther King poem for kids also makes a great poetry center.





You know me! I like to keep things positive. So, instead of dwelling on how long and drawn out Winter may feel, let’s focus on all the fun learning opportunities this season brings. Teach kids about Winter facts, read aloud funny snowmen stories, do retells with props, learn about shadows with Groundhogs day, and teach MLK’s message about kindness with these 25 Winter Books for Kids.


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