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9 Winter Activities for Kindergarten

Chances are, you’re looking for Winter activities to do with your kids once the holidays are over.

Returning to a school routine, re-establishing classroom rules, and keeping the learning fun, should be your main focus after having a long break.  Plan for low-prep, engaging, activities that will help keep your students on-task and engaged in learning.


Winter Write the Room Kindergarten

During the Winter months, kids don’t have as many opportunities to be outside and release some energy.  Therefore, it is even more important to plan for active learning opportunities.

Keeping the kiddos up and moving around the room with winter activities, such as Write the Room, can also help keep behavioral students from acting out.

After you post leveled word cards around the room, the kiddos will use clipboards and recording sheets to become independent writers.  They will practice writing January vocabulary words, such as snowman, boots, scarf, and so on.

This Winter Write the Room comes with 2 levels to make differentiation a breeze.

For level 1, students will copy words from the picture cards onto their recording set.winter-activities-write-the-room


Whereas, for level 2, students will use inventive spelling to write the words, because the words are not posted on the level 2 picture cards.

Choose between level 1 or level 2 recording sheet when expecting the kiddos to write the words independently.

Level 1 recording sheet, they will look for picture cards that match the pictures on their sheet.

Level 2 recording sheet, they will look for picture cards that start with the beginning sound shown on their sheet.

There are lots of ways to modify this Winter writing center for kindergarten and first grade students.winter-activities-write-the-room-2


You can purchase this Winter Write the Room, HERE,

or read on to see how you can bundle to save time and money.


January Math Talks

We are so excited about this…these are the newest addition to the Winter Bundle for Kindergarten! Your kiddos will absolutely love these January themed number talks.  There are printable cards and digital slides included to get your kids talking and engaged in number talks.  kindergarten-math-talks-january-example-2


Winter Vocabulary and Making Words

Simply print and go! You’ll have a writing center, or word work station, set up in no time to build Winter vocabulary words.

Making Words are cut and paste worksheets to build concepts of print.

This resource is great for Winter activities in kindergarten, because it comes with 10 worksheets and 10 illustrated Winter vocabulary cards.

Use the January vocabulary cards in a pocket chart, with a sensory bin activity, in a writing center, or post on a Winter bulletin board.winter-activities-making-words-pin

Easily differentiate to meet the needs of your students.

If your kiddos need a challenge, beyond writing just the word, have them write a sentence using the word. If interested, you can purchase and download this Making Words Winter Vocabulary resource, HERE.

Beginning Sounds Winter Task Cards

Manipulating sounds within words is the foundation of phonological awareness; a pre-literacy skill taught heavily throughout preK, kindergarten, and first grade. During the first week or two back after Winter break, take time to review and reinforce beginning sounds.  

These Beginning Sounds Winter Task Cards can be used as a whole class activity, scoot game, write the room, in a language arts center, or as an assessment.

Your kiddos will look at the picture and word (minus the beginning sound), then identify and write the beginning sound on the recording sheet.

I loved using these in my kindergarten and first grade reading intervention groups!winter-activities-beginning-sounds-pinGrab the Beginning Sounds Task Cards, HERE.


Winter Facts for Kids

Did you know kindergarten aged students are expected to make and share observations about the weather?  At a young age, kids recognize changes in weather patterns over time, and distinguish differences in the four seasons. 

Extend their curiosity with nonfiction books, outdoor exploration, and writing activities all about Winter facts for kids.winter-facts-for-kids-little-learning-corner

If you would like to purchase this Winter facts for kids writing center, grab it HERE.



Winter Activities: Numbers to 20 Task Cards

Typically, during the month of January in kindergarten, kiddos are reviewing numbers to 20.  Learning to write numbers 11-20 can take extra reinforcement, especially after a few week off school.  That’s why these Numbers to 20 Task Cards are the perfect addition to your math winter activities for kids.

With these task cards and recording sheet, your kiddos will practice counting and writing numbers to 20. When creating this winter math activity, I added a number line as a visual support.  This touch point number line aides the students who cannot recall the numbers without a visual cue.winter-activities-math-centers-little-learning-corner

These Numbers to 20 Winter Task Cards and Recording Sheet are included in the Winter Bundle for Kindergarten below.


Winter Numbers Game Kindergarten

Continue building counting and cardinality skills with these Winter Tens-Frames Task Cards.

Perfect as a Winter numbers game for kindergarten, these task cards and recording sheet will keep your kiddos engaged and learning early math skills.winter-activities-math-little-learning-corner-2 Grab your Tens Frame Numbers to 20 Task Cards, HERE.


Snowman Poem for Kids

What did your kiddos do over Winter break?  Did they play with their new learning toys? Did they go to the movies? What about building a snowman?

Building a snowman should be a part of everyone’s childhood. If you live in a part of the country where it doesn’t snow, you can still ignite the kiddos’ imagination with poems about

This Snowman poetry center will be one of your kiddos’ favorite kindergarten Winter activities.

I’m a Little Snowman is short, funny, has rhyming words, and can be sung to the classic nursery rhyme “I’m a Little Tea Pot”.  Students will use the word cards to complete this Build-a-Poem activity, and recite the poem to the class once completed.

Free Snowman Craft

Last, but not least, to keep the learning fun, you can have your kiddos do this Listen and Respond Easy Snowman Craft.snowman-craft-for-kids-5

This snowman craft is a FREE BONUS when you buy the Winter Bundle for Kindergarten. 

Don’t spend time searching for math centers, writing centers, word work, and crafts. Instead, I’ve done that for you!  Grab your Winter Bundle for Kindergarten, today, and get back to enjoying your time off!

Easy Snowman Craft

In addition to these winter activities, here’s an easy snowman craft for kids.

This is an example of the completed marshmallow snowman craft that my first grade daughter brought home from school.winter-activities-snowman-crafts

An easy snowman craft for kids.



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