8 Valentines Day Activities for Kindergarten

Your little ones will be ready to celebrate love and friendship with these Valentines Day activities for kindergarten.

I have put together this Valentines collection of worksheets, and alphabet game, sticker charts, math games, write the room, vocabulary, and writing center to keep the learning fun!

Valentines Day Worksheets

I know you don’t have time to prep a ton of activities, so I balanced the low-prep with no-prep.

You will find several of these Valentine’s Day activities for kindergarten include print-and-go worksheets.

Your kiddos will be engaged in learning while having fun celebrating Valentines Day in the classroom.

Best of all, I have included two FREE resources with this Valentines Day Bundle for Kindergarten. You can find them at the end of this post. 🙂


Valentines Day Math Center

Numbers to 20

With these task cards and recording sheet, your kiddos will practice counting and writing numbers to 20.

When creating this Valentines Day math activity, I added a number line as a visual support.  This touch point number line aides the students who have difficulty recalling numbers without a visual cue.

Get your Valentines Day Numbers to 20 Task Cards, HERE.



These Numbers to 20 Valentines Day Math task cards and recording sheet are included in the Valentines Day Kindergarten Bundle, or you can purchase them separately, here.


Valentines Numbers Game Kindergarten

Continue building counting and cardinality skills with these Valentines Tens-Frames Task Cards.

Perfect as a Valentines Day numbers game for kindergarten, these task cards and recording sheet will keep your kiddos engaged and learning early math skills.  They would also make a great math activity during your friendship parties.

Get your Valentines Day Tens-Frame Task Cards, HERE.



Valentine’s Day Write the Room

Keeping the kiddos up and moving around the room with Valentines activities, such as Write the Room, can also help keep behavioral students from acting out.

After you post leveled word cards around the room, the kiddos will use clipboards and Valentines Day recording sheets to become independent writers.  They will practice writing Valentines vocabulary words, such as candy, friends, chocolates, flowers, cupid, and so on.

This Valentines Day Write the Room comes with 2 levels to make differentiation a breeze.

For level 1, students will copy words from the picture cards onto their recording sheet.


Get your leveled Valentines Day Write the Room, HERE.


Whereas, for level 2, students will use inventive spelling to write the words, because the words are not posted on the level 2 picture cards.

Choose between level 1 or level 2 recording sheet when expecting the kiddos to write the words independently.

Level 1 recording sheet, they will look for picture cards that match the pictures on their sheet.

Level 2 recording sheet, they will look for picture cards that start with the beginning sound shown on their sheet. There are lots of ways to modify this Valentines Day writing center for PreK, kindergarten, and first grade students.


You can purchase this Valentines Day Write the Room, here, or read on to see how you can save time and money.


February and Valentines Day Vocabulary

Simply print and go! You’ll have a writing center, or word work station, set up in no time and it will last you all of February! Making Words are interactive cut and paste worksheets to build concepts of print.


Get Your February Making Words writing center and vocabulary cards, HERE.

This Making Words February resource is great for Valentines Day, Groundhog’s Day, and President’s Day activities in kindergarten.

It comes with 10 worksheets and 10 illustrated February vocabulary cards.

Use the illustrated vocabulary cards in a pocket chart, with a sensory bin activity, in a word work center with magnetic letters, or post on a February bulletin board.  There are so many uses for these cards!



Your kiddos will build, write, and illustrate Winter vocabulary words.

Easily differentiate to meet the needs of your students.

If your kiddos need a challenge, beyond writing just the word, have them write a sentence using the word.



Valentines Day Alphabet Game

I Have, Who Has will become your favorite go-to alphabet review game and time filler activity.

I have played I Have, Who Has with a whole class, as well as with a small group of 5-6 students in a kindergarten reading intervention group. The kids LOVE this easy card game!

I Have…Who Has is a fun, chain-reaction, Valentines Day game to practice alphabet letter recognition.

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card. “I have _____, Who has____?” – reading the letters in large print, next to the colorful Valentines cupcakes. This set includes a mix of capital and lowercase alphabet letters.


Get your Valentines Day Alphabet I Have, Who Has, HERE.

My favorite part about this Valentines Day game for kindergarten is the kids can’t argue who goes first, and you don’t have to make that decision! To make your day go a little smoother, I have included a “first card” and “the end” card are included.


Valentines Day Writing Center

Building Sentences is a no-prep, interactive, writing center perfect for early readers and writers. 

Students cut and paste word tiles to build the 10 Valentines Day sentences.  Just print and go!

Building Sentences reinforces emergent reading and writing skills, such as concepts of print, sight word recognition, punctuation, and illustrating to represent sentences. Great practice for retelling, fluency, and leveled readers.


Best of all, these Valentines Day worksheets come leveled.  There are two levels to choose from when giving your kiddos this Valentines Day writing activity.

Level 1 includes a Valentines sentence about friendship at the top of the page.  Student cut and paste word tiles to build that exact sentence.


Whereas, level 2 does not have a sentence at the top of the page.  Instead, they use semantic and syntactic strategies to form a sentence using the jumbled word tiles at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to purchase this Valentines Day Building Sentences resource, grab it here.


Get your Valentines Day Building Sentences, leveled writing center, HERE.


Valentines Day Poem for Kids

Because Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make heart crafts, and eat heart-shaped candy, a poem about hearts is the perfect way to bring it all together.  Let’s keep the learning fun with this interactive poetry center for Valentine’s Day.


Get your Hearts Poetry Center, Build a Poem, HERE.


This build-a-poem center will be one of your kiddos’ favorite kindergarten activities for Valentines Day.

Hearts is short, funny, has rhyming words, and can be chanted to build recall and expression skills.


Students will use the word cards to complete this Build-a-Poem activity, and recite the poem about hearts to the class once completed. If you are interested in more poems, check out my post about Valentines Day Poems for Kids, here.


Free Valentine Worksheets

You’re awesome. You work hard. The kids love you, and you deserve a freebie!

Actually, because you have chosen to support Little Learning Corner, you are getting 2 FREE resources when you purchase this bundle below.

You will get free Valentines Day Sticker Charts and Numbers to 10 worksheets.

(Note: if you purchase this bundle on TPT, you will not get the free V-Day math worksheets. This is an additional bonus for purchasing from me directly using the “buy now” button below)




To wrap things up, you now have a plethora of Valentines Day activities to do in your kindergarten classroom. When you purchase the Kindergarten Valentines Day Bundle, you will get the following printable files to begin using today:

V-Day Numbers to 20 Task Cards

Tens Frame Task Cards (Numbers to 20)

Making Words February worksheets and vocabulary cards

Building Sentences writing center – 2 levels included

Valentines Day Write the Room – 2 levels included

V-Day I Have, Who Has Alphabet Game

Hearts Build a Poem

BONUS: Heart Sticker Charts

BONUS: V-Day Numbers to 10 count, write, and color worksheets


Once you download and save your files, they are yours forever!  If you lose a task card…no worries, just reprint from your file.  If you need extra copies, no need to wait in line at the copier…just print as much as you need.  Grab your Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Bundle, and keep the learning fun!


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