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9 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas activities keep the holiday season fun, and are perfect for the long Winter days spent with kids.

Planning fun Christmas activities for kids doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, there are a ton of printable activities for Christmas that you can get started with today.

I know this season can feel a bit chaotic.  But, if you embrace the holiday, find the positive, and keep the kids engaged in fun activities, both you and the kids will happier.   As always, my promise to you is to keep learning fun and affordable.  With that in mind, I want to share these 8 fun Christmas activities with you.

These printable Christmas activities for kids will engage the kids in poetry and language, numbers and counting, letter recognition, crafting, concepts of print and vocabulary, and early writing skills.


Christmas Printables

9.  December Math Talks

Your kiddos, whether at home or in the classroom, will LOVE these kindergarten math talks.  The open ended questions promote problem solving and critical thinking skills – all while including fun December clipart to spark conversations.


Get your December Math Talk Cards, HERE.


8. Christmas Poem about Reindeer

Read I’m a Little Reindeer, a fun Christmas poem, to get into the holiday spirit.  Kids love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and want to sing it as often as possible.   Why not turn this love for Christmas songs for kids into a fun poetry activity?

This reindeer poem, and the Build a Poem, are favorites in my Christmas poems for kids collection.  My daughter didn’t wanted to “read” it for you…not sing it 🙂


Purchase and print your “I’m a Little Reindeer” Christmas Poem, HERE


Check out what others are saying about the “I’m a Little Reindeer” Build a Poem.

Darlene J. said: My kiddos love reading these kinds of poems

Anne Jonkers said: So cute! Kiddos loved it.

Carin M. said: My students love to build the poems and they get so excited when they complete them.


7.  Christmas Lights Build a Poem

Christmas Lights is the perfect holiday poem to incorporate colors and color words.  This poem can also be a fun Christmas song for kids!  Sung to the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, this poem is short, catchy, and can be modified to incorporate other color words.
Tracy G said: “Very excited to implement into our December Literacy centers”. 
Mary Jane L. said: “I love these and so do my kiddos“.
Watch in the video below as the students work together to build the Christmas poem in our pocket chart poetry center.
Grab this Christmas Lights Build a Poem, HERE


6. Numbers to 10 Christmas Activities for Math

Your kids, whether in prek, kindergarten, or first grade, will practice counting sets of objects and writing numbers with these Christmas Task Cards.

During the month of December in Kindergarten, students typically identify and count sets of objects to 10 fluently.  These Christmas Numbers to 10 task cards can be the perfect math review for kindergarten.

Use them in a kindergarten math center, as a count and write the room activity for active learners, play a scoot game with the whole class, keep them in a bin for early finishers, put them in a morning work activity bin, or use them as a kindergarten numbers to 10 assessment.



Get your Christmas Numbers to 10 Task Cards, HERE.  



5. Numbers to 20 –  Christmas Math Activities

Christmas math activities for kindergarten often vary in level and skill.  Keeping kindergarten differentiation in mind, I want you to have multiple levels of these Christmas math centers.

If you have students that are fluent with numbers to 10, you can easily differentiate with these Christmas Numbers to 20 task cards.  Task cards are truly one of the most versatile printable resources for kindergarten. If you’d like to see more ways to use task cards, check out my blog post, How to Use Task Cards in the Classroom, here


Donna K said: “My students love to count the room! Great holiday activity”. Thank you, Donna 🙂



Get your Christmas Numbers to 20 Task Cards, HERE.



4. Christmas Alphabet Clip Cards

These Christmas Alphabet Clip Cards are perfect for letter identification, and matching capital to lowercase letters! Your kids will love this engaging fine motor game for Prek, Kindergarten, and First Grade reading intervention.

You can use these Christmas alphabet clip cards in centers, as morning work, an early finisher task, home-school activity bags, tutor activities, and assessments.


christmas-activities-for-kindergarten Get your Christmas Alphabet Clip Cards, HERE.


I found the cutest Christmas clothespins on Amazon that you can put with these alphabet letter clip cards.  The kiddos will clip the lowercase letter that matches the  uppercase letter in the center of the card. Directions for making this a self-checking alphabet center are included in the printable download.



3. Handprint Poem for Christmas

This Christmas Handprint Poem is the perfect gift to send home to the parents for the holidays. They will hang the mistletoe poem for years to come 🙂

Simply paint the child’s hand green, or have them trace with green markers, and add a bow to top off the mistletoe. If you are looking for poems about Santa, Reindeer, and Christmas Lights, bookmark and come back to my blog post 5 Christmas Poems for Kids. 



Get your Christmas handprint poem, HERE.


2. Christmas Vocabulary – Making Words

Build Christmas vocabulary and concepts of print with these December Making Words printable worksheets and illustrated vocabulary cards




The Christmas Vocabulary Words are:

  • Santa
  • cookies
  • presents
  • menorah
  • reindeer
  • stocking
  • wreath
  • lights
  • tree
  • stars

You may be wondering why menorah is in the list of Christmas words.  As a kindergarten teacher, I believe it’s important to teach about all of the holidays in December.

The December vocabulary picture cards are included in the Making Words resource, along with 10 Christmas worksheets to practice building the words.

Students read the Christmas vocabulary word, cut and paste letter tiles to build the word, write the word or a sentence, then draw a picture.



  Get Making Words and Christmas Vocabulary Cards, HERE.


Check out what some of these reviews for this printable December writing worksheets:

Perrin’s Sweet Kinders said: “Love using this in my word work centers”

Kimberly P. said: “This resource works really well as a literacy center for my special ed class and the students really enjoy it!”



1. Polar Express Activities

Last, but not least, is a class favorite year after year! Polar Express Write the Room is a must-have with your Christmas Activities collection.

This Write and Read the Room is an interactive Christmas writing center, or scoot activity, that builds vocabulary and engages your active learners in holiday writing based on the popular children’s book, The Polar Express.  


Your kiddos will write and read the room, recording up to 12 Christmas vocabulary words from book, The Polar Express.

To keep differentiation a breeze, this printable Polar Express activity includes 2 levels.  Simply choose a level, post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet. Great for your visual and kinesthetic learners!




Christmas is a magical time!  Can you imagine how magical it would be if Santa sent a personalized video to your kiddos? Elfi Santa has been personalizing Christmas letters and videos for kids since 2008!  Get started creating yours today!


Video from Santa 




I hope you’ve enjoyed these 8 Christmas activities.  Whether you’re a classroom teacher, homeschooling, or a parent looking for fun learning activities for Christmas to do at home, these are sure to be a win with the kiddos!

Save yourself time and money with the Christmas Activities bundle below.



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