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Family game night is making a come back.  Parents are searching for ways to lessen their kids screen time, and have good old fashion family fun. We love to play games, both indoors and outdoors, with our daughters and their friends. While some games are better than others, I am here to share my top 5 picks for a fun family game night.



Benefits of Family Game Night

With all of the fun to be had, the kids won’t even realize there’s so many benefits.  According to Scholar’s Choice, here are 5 research based benefits to playing games with your family:

  1. Playing games can build motor skills.
  2. Games can lead to better grades
  3. Playing games will help your kids solve problems
  4. Game night is family bonding
  5. Games are just plain fun!

5 Family Game Night Favorites


All ages will enjoy this classic family game night pick.  If your family is anything like ours, there is bound to be laughter and competition.


The new version of Pictionary includes two dry-erase markers, boards for drawing, and an updated Pop Culture category of clues.  Based on the reviews, the markers are hard to erase, but any dry-erase markers will work great on the boards.  And, if you a teacher or parent of little ones, than you most likely have dry erase boards and markers laying around the house.  


You don’t have to be a good artist to have fun.  This drawing game is great for kids and adults who like to have fun. 




Pictionary is a fun game for the whole family!




Pictionary now comes with dry erase markers and drawing boards. You don’t need to be a good artist, just know how to have a good time.





This is one of my daughter’s favorite games!  We like to play Hedbanz on game nights, because it guarantees laughter.


Her and I also like to play quick game before bedtime, or on a lazy Saturday afternoon with the whole family. Perhaps part of the fun is knowing how to not take yourself so serious, and making fun of one another’s guesses.  It’s a timed (1 minute for each play) guessing game of “What am I”.


As a teacher, I also loved using this game in the classroom to promote language, deductive reasoning, and association skills.  This was so much fun to play with a small group during centers.


The box says for ages 5 and older.  However, we started playing this with our daughter when she was 3 or 4.  You can simply modify the rules for the younger ones – especially if the goal is to have fun while building language and vocabulary.  For example, the rules state to only answer “yes” or “no” as the player is asking questions.  With the younger kiddos, you can give them hints.  🙂



Hedbanz is a fast-paced guessing game for the whole family!



Jenga is great for family game night or to play alone.  Stay focused and strategize to beat your opponents, or just pull a block out and hope for the best.  I’m more of the impulsive grab a block and go for it type of player. What type of Jenga player are you?


If you haven’t played Jenga, I highly recommend you adding this to your game collection.  The Jenga Giant Outdoor set is perfect if you are wanting family games for outside.










Twister is a classic game for kids and adults.  In fact, some adults prefer playing twister with a group of friends after a few beverages 🙂 In all seriousness,  Twister is another wonderful game for the family.



One lucky person gets to be the spinner, and call out crazy positions for the other players to get in.  Whether you are buying Twister for a family game night, or as a gift for a boy or girl, you will not be disappointed.  Here is a google doc, from Capital Community Church, with 50 other Uses for a Twister mat.


Check out my blog post, or watch the video about Twister as fun game for kids.



Watch Ya Mouth

Last, but not least, the funny mouth game everyone is talking about! If you haven’t yet heard, this hilarious mouthpiece game is trending for games to be played as a family! Get it now before the holiday rush comes, and they sell out in store.








If your family likes to laugh and have fun together, then it’s time to have a family game night.  Choose from any of the games above for a guaranteed memorable family game night that won’t break the bank! Share your family game night photos, and tag me @littlelearningcorner (IG) to show me just how awesome your family is!




Here are my top 5 picks for a fun family game night with the kids.


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