How to Get Free TPT Resources

Are you eager to unlock a world of free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers while enriching your teaching materials? Look no further! We’re thrilled to show you how to earn free credits towards TpT products through the power of feedback and bundles.

Why Leaving TPT Feedback is Important

Embrace the Feedback Loop

Feedback is a powerful tool that not only helps sellers improve their products but also enables you to earn TpT credits. After using a resource, take a few moments to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with the seller.

Valuable Insights Matter

Your insights are invaluable to sellers as they strive to create resources that cater to your classroom needs. By providing detailed feedback, you’re contributing to the development of even better products for teachers like you.

The Credit Reward System:

For each paid resource you leave feedback on, you’ll earn TpT credits. These credits accumulate, allowing you to save on future purchases, including premium resources and bundles.

How to get free tpt resources. Free printable lesson plans on teachers pay teachers.

Feedback on Freebies

Don’t forget to leave feedback on free resources! While they don’t require payment, offering your thoughts is still greatly appreciated by sellers and TpT’s supportive community.

Support the TpT Community

By providing feedback, you’re fostering a thriving community where educators support each other’s growth. Your contribution helps maintain a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Spread Positivity and Appreciation

Positive feedback goes a long way in encouraging sellers to continue creating exceptional resources. Spread appreciation for the hard work they put into crafting materials that benefit teachers worldwide.

Celebrate Your Impact

Every time you leave feedback, celebrate the knowledge that you’re not only enriching your own teaching but also contributing to a network of educators committed to excellence.

How to Earn TPT Credits with Feedback

Leaving feedback is a breeze. Simply log in to your TpT account, navigate to your “My Purchases” page, find the resource you wish to review, and click on “Leave a Review.”

Share your insights, rate the product, and you’re all set!


Once you click on “provide feedback”, an anonymous feedback box will open. This feedback is for TPT only.  It will not be publicly displayed.


After leaving anonymous feedback, you will be asked to leave public feedback.  I always make sure to rate the 6 components, and leave a quick note for the seller.  Be sure to hit submit public feedback when done.


How to Get TPT Freebies with Credits

Once you’ve earned at least 20 credits, you’ll see the option to apply credits at checkout. In your cart, look under the “Checkout” button and select the “Redeem TpT Credits” box.

To redeem your credits, enter the number of credits you’d like to apply toward your order, and click “Apply.”  


Use Your Credits Wisely

As your TpT credits accumulate, you can redeem them during checkout to save on future purchases. Experience the satisfaction of earning free resources while expanding your teaching toolkit.

Get Free TPT Resources with Bundles

Teacher authors are now creating more bundles than ever to help save you money and time. Teachers and parents are very busy, and don’t have the time to search for resources from week to week.

When you purchase large bundles, you often get such a great deal! It’s like getting free resources.  Plus, you will likely have everything you need for the season or the entire school year.

For example, let’s say your students loved the monthly math talks, and you now want to have them for the entire year.

The Year-Round Math Talk Bundle will save you a ton of money. Furthermore, it will also save you time from searching for and purchasing the activity at the start of every month.


At Little Learning Corner, we believe in empowering teachers and recognizing the power of feedback in fostering a vibrant educational community. So, seize this golden opportunity to earn TpT credits while inspiring sellers to create remarkable resources.

Happy teaching, and may your journey on Teachers Pay Teachers be a rewarding and enriching one!

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How to get free tpt resources. Free printable lesson plans on teachers pay teachers.

Free TPT Resources