50 Best Teacher Gift Ideas (2023)

If you need teacher gift ideas for your kids favorite teacher, look no further. Here, you will find a collection of best teacher gifts to say thank you for hard work throughout the year. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the perfect gift. In fact, you can grab free printable gift tags to attach to your favorite gifts listed below.

best teacher gift ideas

End of the School Year

No doubt your child’s teacher had a busy year. For teachers, the end of the year means award ceremonies, writing report card comments, cleaning, paperwork, and more. Tracking inventory, writing supply lists, field day, and continuing engaging lesson plans are just a few of the tasks in a teacher’s day.

The end of the school year is also a busy time for parents. You are packing lunches, attending award ceremonies, planning dinner, and so much more. I understand you may not have much time to acknowledge teacher appreciation day, or put together a gift that will be a huge hit. Shoot, you may be lucky to get the dishes done at this point. Believe me, as a former teacher and a mom of 2, I get the craziness that comes with back to school and the end of the year rush. 

To help save you time, I have put together lists of teacher gift ideas for your kids awesome teacher and teacher’s assistant.

creative teacher gift ideas

Creative Teacher Gift Ideas

Every teacher likes a good theme.  Here, you will find ideas to help you pull together a special gift based on a theme.

  • Summer Survival Beach Gift – Wrap sunscreen, flip flops, and a magazine in a cute beach towel.
  • Fun in the Sun Tote Bag – This tote will come in use all summer long! Fill with their favorite things.
  • One Sweet Teacher Treat Bucket – fill a small bucket with their favorite sweet treats
  • “You’re one Sharp Teacher” with a Sharpies gift set
  • “I like the way you roll” Cinnabon baking kit
  • “Plan on Having a Good Summer”: teacher planner with flair pens
  • Herb Gift with printable (Such the Spot)
  • “Hands down…You’re the best teacher around” with Bath and Body hand soap
  • “If teachers were flowers, I’d pick you” printable with a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  • “Have a Toe-Tally Awesome Summer”: nail files and nail polish in a small basket
  • Sweet Summer Bouquet: Candy Bars, candy…anything sweet
  • “You’re the Balm Teacher” EOS Lip Balm 
  • “You’re the Bomb” organic bath bomb gift set 
  • We need S’More Teacher’s Like You”:  see below

best teacher gift ideas

Teacher Gift Smore Basket



Teacher’s Favorite Gift Cards

Whether its for the end of year, or the holiday season, a gift card is a great idea. This way, your teacher friends can buy what they want. A gift certificate is also great so they can buy classroom supplies to do all the fun ideas. Cute gift card holders are a fun way to dress up a simple gift.

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Restaurant Gift Cards – Personally, I would pick Chipotle 🙂
  • Craft Store Gift Cards
  • Target Card – Seeing a Target gift card holder on your desk is always exciting!
  • Starbucks Gift Cards – Attach a note that says “I’ll Miss You A Latte!”
  • Book Store Cards – Teachers often love new books!
  • Movie Gift Card
  • Home Goods – Attach it to a cute RaeDunn notepad
  • Dollar Tree
  • Staples


More Great Teacher Gift Ideas


Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teachers love a practical gift that shows appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Any of the above teacher gift ideas would be a great way to surprise your local teachers. But, here are more teacher appreciation week gift ideas they’ll enjoy!

  • “Thank you for a TOAD-LY great year!” (free printable) with a cute frog succulent planter.
  • Bath and Body Gift Basket
  • “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” – Get a pretty potted flower or their favorite vegetable plant.  To save money, you can start your own seeds earlier on.  
  • “We DONUT know what we would’ve done without you” printable with a Dunkin gift card
  • “Thanks for making me one smart cookie” (Tinks Treasure Chest)
  • “Your teaching is right on target” printable and target gift card
  • “Thanks for making me sharp” Sparkly Fiskar Scissors  
  • Teacher treats in a large mason jar.
  • “Thanks for sticking with me!”: Add a cute set of post-it notes. 
  • “Thank you for helping me grow” succulent gift 
  • “You are just write” Rolo pencil idea 
  • “You hit the mark” printable and Target gift card



Thanks for stopping by to read more about this end of the year teacher gift. I hope you enjoy your free printable, and come up with an adorable camping themed basket.


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best teacher gift ideas


Teacher Gift Ideas