5 Fun Color Games for Kids


Have fun and practice color recognition with these 5 color games for kids.  Learning about colors is a foundation of early childhood development.

Whether your looking for a birthday gift for a preschooler or kindergartner, or are looking for classroom games, these 5 color games are kid-tested and approved.   I’ll share all five picks, then highlight one for our Games for Kids series.


Top 5 Picks for Color Games

  1.  Jumbo Color Bears:  Great for sorting by color, color matching, and counting.
  2. Color Bean Bags: Perfect for interactive play
  3. Color Matching Peg Board: Great for fine motor and color matching
  4. Fish Food: An Electronic Color Game (featured below)
  5. Rainbow Sorting Crayons with Toys:  A collection of colored objects and color storage crayons.  Great for sensory play.

Games for Kids | Fish Food

Today, for our Games for Kids series, my daughter and her friends will show you how to play the Fish Food Game.

This talking, electronic, fish is smart and unpredictable. With no reading required, Fish Food, by Goliath games, would be a great independent learning center in PreK and kindergarten classrooms.

Fish Food is for 2-4 players.

A video review of this electronic card game for kids. Fish Food is fun for kids!



How to Play Fish Food

  • Equally distribute the colored worm cards to the players.
  • The fish will turn to the player positions and ask “Are you ready to play?” Each player should press the fin on top when the fish turns to face them.
  • Now it’s feeding time! The fish will turn to random players and say comments such as “I love fish food.” and “got any fish food?”
  • Quickly feed the fish a colored worm card – saying the color out loud. Pay attention, and be quick! If you take too long, the fish will skip you.
  • After the fish receives the Fish Food card, he will say phrases such as “That’s my favorite!” Then, he spins around to face another player and spits out the card. 
  • Play continues until one player has no cards left and is declared the winner by the fish!

Color Games for Kids Learning Goals

Fish food is a very basic game. While there aren’t many clear learning standards printed on the box, the following are standards I see most evident.

  • Follow agreed upon rules.
  • Listening
  • Taking Turns
  • Identify colors
  • Learning the concept of addition & subtraction: you start with x amount of cards, and as you feed the fish, you lose a card (subtraction).  However, if the fish spits a card to you, you have to ADD that card to your pile (addition).
  • Increases focus and attention: the fish moves quickly, and if you don’t pay attention, he will skip over you.

A non-sponsored game review for Fish Food.



Extend the Learning | Color Games for Kids

After playing the Fish Food game, you can extend the learning with more board games and printable resources.

Board Games:


Printable Resources:

Using boards games and electronic games, such as Fish Food, are a great way to support early childhood concepts taught in kindergarten.

To continue the fun, have your students complete different color games and color worksheets.  For example, in addition to Fish Food, they can work on the interactive Making Words Color Words activity (below), and do a follow up I Have, Who Has color game (below) when done.






There are many ways to help kids learn there colors, from sorting objects and board games to completing color word worksheets. Thank you for stopping by to check out our 5 picks for color games.

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