Games for Kids | Lucky Ducks

Are you looking for games for kids that also incorporates learning standards? In this Games for Kids series, I will highlight how traditional board games are a fun approach to the common core learning standards.  More than ever, in a world of digital screen overload, kids are benefiting from game-based learning. Today, my youngest daughter and her friend, both in kindergarten, will demonstrate how to play Lucky Ducks; a Pressman game about shapes and colors.  games-for-kids-lucky-ducks

Games for Kids

Lucky Ducks

  • A modern version of a traditional matching game that moves while players try to find a shape or color match
  • Simple format allows for independent game play
  • For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up
  • Reinforces shape recognition and color matching



How to Play Lucky Ducks

  • Turn on the game to get the ducks swimming around the pond.
  • Players take turns picking up a duck and looking at the color and shape on the bottom side of the duck
  •  If it matches their colored shape, they get to keep the duck. If it doesn’t match, they put it back.
  • The first player with 3 ducks that match their shape wins.



                               Lucky Ducks is the perfect addition to your games for kids.

Printable Worksheet for Lucky Ducks | Board Games for Kids

  • Use the printable shape worksheet to extend the learning activity.
  • When students pull a duck from the pond, they graph which shape they pulled.
  • The first to pull 3 shapes of a kind wins the game.
  • Students count how many of each shape they pulled.
  • Discuss and compare graphing results with peers.

Get your printable shape graph for the Lucky Ducks game, HERE. 

Learning Standards:

  • Shape identification: reinforces square, triangle, circle, and star 2D shapes
  • Color identification: kids recognize the four colors, red, orange, blue, and purple
  • Memory and matching
  • Taking turns and following directions in a small group activity
  • One-to-one counting correspondence (worksheet)
  • Graphing (worksheet)

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Lucky Ducks is a simple learning game for preschool, prek, and kindergarten.  In the first of the series, Games for Kids, Lucky Ducks proved to be an activity that keeps learning fun; a game of memory, shapes, and colors.