Flowers and Plants Writing Activity for Kids



Springtime is here! The flowers and plants are blooming, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  In the classroom, this is the perfect time to plant flowers with kids?



This printable flowers and plants writing activity, in combination with a hands-on planting seeds lesson, is truly one of the best science lessons for kids.  Extend your parts of a plant lesson, while building vocabulary and early writing skills, with this Making Words flowers and plants writing activity.


Build Flowers and Plants Vocabulary

When you are ready to teach your lessons on flowers and plants, or do flowers crafts for kids, begin by using the illustrated word cards included in the printable Making Words resource.  Great for ages 4-7, these large print vocabulary cards with pictures are excellent for building language skills.



I like to display the word cards in a pocket chart, and have a discussion with the kids about what they know, what they don’t know, and to hear their predictions about the upcoming kindergarten theme.  You can also get illustrated flowers and plants cards in my Write the Room resource. Next, I read aloud the story, The Little Seed, by Eric Carle. (He is my favorite children’s author!)





Making Words: Flowers and Plants Writing Activity

If you are looking for printable and hands-on activities for flowers and plants, this resource is a great balance of the two.

This printable resource, great for at home or in the classroom, includes:


  • Plants and flowers illustrated vocabulary cards –  These are great for pocket charts, in a writing center, on a science wall, and for language activities for kids. 


  • 10 Making Words Flowers and Plants worksheets – Your little learner cuts the letter tiles at the bottom of the page, glues the letters down in the correct order to build the target vocabulary word at the top, and illustrate a picture in the space provided.  





Easy Differentiation

Don’t stress about differentiating this writing center!  Meeting the different levels of the students is as easy as can be! 


If your little learner is still progressing towards mastering letter recognition and letter formation, then you will want to have them simply copy/write the target vocabulary word. 




For example, the following images show how to differentiate this writing activity. In this example, the target word is leaves. You can see how the expectation in the top picture is to copy, or transfer, the word.  The learning goals are letter formation, sequencing letters in the correct order, and drawing a picture on topic. 



As a challenge, after mastering letters and basic concepts of print, have them write a complete sentence using the target vocabulary word. Here, the learning goals are to sequence the letters in the correct order, demonstrate concepts of print, and write a sentence using the target word.


Concepts of print include reading and writing left to write, top to bottom, leaving spaces in between words, swooping down and back to the left, and using punctuation.  Did you know your kiddos understanding of concepts of print are a strong predictor of their future success as a reader? (Legit Literacy)


Regardless of what skill, copying the word or writing a sentence, your kiddos will also get to illustrate (draw) a picture in the space provided.  



Get the printable Flowers and Plants Making Words, HERE.



Build, Write, & Illustrate

  • Cut the letter tiles from the bottom of the page.
  • Build the flowers and plants vocabulary word.
  • Write the target word or sentence, depending on level.
  • Illustrate a picture in the space given to represent flowers and plants.




Here is an example where the student wanted to reference the vocabulary word card when drawing his illustration.




The flowers and parts of a plant word wall cards can be used in many ways. 



These illustrated word cards for flowers and plants are also great pocket chart cards. 

When done, students can self-check their work by checking off each section (at the top of the page).  This could also be an area for you to mark their effort in each skill. 




Get started planting flowers with kids, while building their vocabulary and writing skills with this Making Words: Flowers and Plants Writing Activity.  Did you know you can also have the kiddos engaged in an interactive poetry center, building Spring Poems, such as 5 Little Flowers?  Between Spring writing, Spring math centers, and poems, your kiddos will stay engaged in having fun while learning about the season of new beginnings!


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