Owl Attendance Board

Taking attendance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task for teachers.  Instead, you can make it an engaging learning opportunity for the kids with these “Look Whooo’s Here” Owl Cards.  Let’s take a look at how to set up this morning activity for a fun attendance board.


Owl Decor for the Classroom

Owl decorations for the classroom are timeless.  Owls can go with several classroom themes, including animals, forest animals, camping, outdoors, natural classrooms, and, of course, everything owls!




After purchasing and downloading this Owl Attendance Display, it’s time to get your owls prepped for the student’s names. You can choose from two sizes of owls (both are included in the set). If you have a larger class size, you will likely want the smaller size to assure they will all fit on your display board. I prefer to laminate the owl cards BEFORE writing the students’ names.  This way, as students move out/in, you can use dry erase markers to easily change the name on the card.

Being prepared for new students is just one part of being an effective teacher. As a kindergarten teacher, I had a list of items that I always made sure I had to start off the year right.  If you’d like to see a list of kindergarten must-haves, check out my blog post, here.



Taking Attendance

There are several ways you can take attendance using these owl cards, such as using a pocket chart, on a magnetic board, or collecting cards in a bucket.



Pocket Chart:

Students locate their name card from a small container as they come into the classroom, then place it into the pocket chart. When it comes time to take attendance, you simply look for the names left in the bucket to see who is not here.




Magnetic Board:

After cutting out the owls, place a small piece of sticky-back magnetic tape on the back of each owl. If you do not have a magnetic board, you can use velcro dots to hang them anywhere around the room.







You could have the cards spread out on the carpet area, or stored neatly in a small bin.  If on the carpet area, the kids can find their name much easier.  Whereas, if stored in a container, the kids would have to sort through all cards to find their name.  I, personally, would suggest having the cards spread out on your carpet area.
As the kiddos come into the classroom, they can find their owl name card, and place it onto the magnetic board owl display.



In a Bucket:

For this method, simply scatter the name cards on the carpet area before the students arrive each morning.  As they enter the classroom, they have to find their name card, and place it into a nearby designated container.  When it’s time to take attendance, simply look to see who’s names are left on the carpet.



Now that you’ve gotten a look at how to use these attendance cards, let’s look at what others’ are saying about this resource:

“Very cute way to take attendance!” (Colleen S)

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“…Creative approach to taking attendance.”  (Cheryl D)

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“Super cute beginning of the year bulletin board!” (Kendra K.)




Printable Owl Attendance

Get your printable owl attendance display, here!



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