Poetry Notebooks: Free Printables and Daily Schedule

Poetry Notebooks are an incredible tool to nurture the love for poetry and writing in children. By creating these fun notebooks, you can spark imagination and foster language development in a fun and interactive way.

Read on to see how to set up your poetry notebooks in prek, kindergarten, and first grade. 

Free poetry notebook printables for prek, kindergarten, and first grade.

At the end of the post, you can grab your free poetry notebook printables!

What are Poetry Notebooks

Poetry Notebooks are collections of poems and nursery rhymes that the children learn throughout the year.

They can include seasonal poems, popular nursery rhymes, and poems written or illustrated by the kids.

Poetry Notebook Daily Schedule:

Each week, your kids will learn a new poem.  This poem-of-the-week technique keeps the kids excited to read and provides structure to help your planning and instruction easier!


Using the printable year long poems for kids, introduce the selected poem on Mondays.
Tell the students the name of the poem, and give them a few minutes to look over it, encouraging them to find words they know and to use the picture to guess what the poem is about.
Then give them 3 minutes to turn and talk to a peer about words or letters or words they know, and about the picture.
Next, do an echo-read. Echo reading is where the teacher reads one sentence at a time, modeling expression and fluency.  After the teacher reads aloud a sentence, the students point to the words and repeat the sentence.


Tuesdays are for focusing on a skill.  For example, rhyming, vowel patterns, punctuation, vocabulary, etc.

First, do a mini-lesson as a whole group, then ask the students to look over their poem to find examples of whichever skill we’re working on.

Next, highlight the words that demonstrate the focus skill.  Last, you will do a shared reading of the poem.


On Wednesdays, incorporate hand motions and/or body movements.

If there is a specific hand motions that you want to assure the kids learn, then teach it to them.  However, you can also give the students opportunities to create and teach their own movements.

After learning the movements, do an echo read followed by a read aloud led by a student.


Thursdays are all about the pocket chart poetry activities.

Use the Build a Poems to do a variety of activities. You can read more about the power of pocket chart poems, here.

Build the poem together using the large print word cards. Then, have the students turn around while you secretly remove 3-6 words from the poem.  Then, see if they can figure out the missing words.  

After a whole group lesson, have the students work in centers.

Every week, I have a Build a Poem pocket chart poetry center ready to go for the kiddos.  This center, by far, is their favorite center!

Depending on your center rotation schedule, this center stays up until all groups get a chance to build the poem.


On Fridays, the students get to add their printable poems to their poetry notebook.

Before adding the poem of the week, we recite the poem at the front of their binder.  This is the poem we worked on the previous week.

At the end of this post, you will find a free poetry guide that includes a cute cover and printables for your poetry notebooks.

Free poetry notebook printables for prek, kindergarten, and first grade.

How Poetry Notebooks Benefit Young Learners

  1. Language Development: Through reading, writing, and discussing poems, children develop a deeper understanding of language, expanding their vocabulary and honing their linguistic skills.
  2. Self-Expression: Poetry provides a safe space for kids to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, boosting their self-confidence and encouraging them to share their feelings openly.
  3. Literacy Skills: Writing poetry enhances literacy skills like grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as kids strive to craft their verses and refine their writing abilities.
  4. Imagination and Creativity: Poetry stimulates the imagination, encouraging children to think outside the box, visualize, and explore new ideas through their writing and artwork.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: As children connect with poems on an emotional level, they learn empathy and gain insights into different feelings and perspectives.
  6. Love for Reading: Experiencing the joy of poetry through their personalized notebooks fosters a lifelong love for literature and encourages them to explore more books and poems in the future.

Free Poetry Notebook Printables

Kids become fully engaged with familiar nursery rhymes and poems when combining reading with song and movement. This level of engagement will leave the kids eager to learn how to read and write using the power of poetry.

Included in this free poetry notebook guide:

  • Poem of the Week Schedule
  • Poetry Notebook Cover
  • Lucky Listener (Parent Signature Page)
  • Humpty Dumpty Printable
  • Humpty Dumpty Pocket Chart Poem
Free poetry notebook printables for prek, kindergarten, and first grade.


As parents and teachers, you have the power to unlock the creative potential within each child through Poetry Notebooks. Embrace this fun activity and witness your young learners blossom into confident readers!

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