It’s time to bring in fresh and fun lessons with these Spring poems for kids.

Baby birds are chirping, worms are digging through the mud, kids are jumping in rain puddles, and we admiring the beautiful flowers in bloom. 

Spring is here, and it’s time to sing, read, and add these fun Spring poems in your kiddos poetry books.

Plus, did you know April is National poetry month? It’s the perfect time to add these beautiful poems to your Spring poetry collection.

spring poems for kids

Free Poetry Notebook for Kids

Get your kids excited for reading with a fun poetry notebook.

Creating a notebook of poems is easy, takes almost no prep time, and is a powerful learning tool!


Short Spring Poems for Kids

Spring Is Here

This simple poem is perfect as a Spring song for kids. 

Sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”, Spring is Here is great for choral reading, is simple and short, and can easily incorporate movement for retelling.

Research proves “…movement increases blood and oxygen flow, which positively affects cognitive development, physical health, and mental well-being.” (Education Week, 2017

Spring is here. Spring is here.

Hear the birds. Hear the birds.

They are busy finding. They are busy finding.

Big fat worms. Big fat worms.

spring poems for kids spring is here song
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After having a student-led discussion about the signs of Spring, introduce this Springtime poem.


I see rain clouds. I see birds’ nests,

Butterflies, too! Flowers, too!

Everything is growing. The wind is gently blowing.

Spring is here! Spring is here!

short spring poem for kids
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After a long Winter, I love the signs of Spring. To me, it’s one more reminder that Summer is just around the corner. What teacher doesn’t love Summer?

These types of poems about green grass, blooming flowers, birds singing, bees buzzing, and kites flying in the blue skies, are all sure signs of Spring. 

This Spring poem for kids is a reminder that springtime is here!


Spring, Spring,

Springtime is here!

Grass is green, and flowers grow.

Birds are singing. Bees are buzzing!

Kites are flying everywhere.

Spring, Spring, Springtime is here!

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Spring Day

(By Little Learning Corner)

Let’s go out and play

on this early spring day.

We can jump in puddles

and get muddy.

Or, plant seeds with our favorite buddy. 

spring poems for kids
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Ten Little Robins

(By Little Learning Corner)

One little, two little,

three little robins.

Four little, five little,

six little robins.

Seven little, eight little,

nine little robins.

Ten little robins in a nest.

spring poems for kids
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Spring Song

Frogs croak, Rains soak

Chicks peep, Crickets leap

Bees hum, Robins come

Birds sing, It’s spring!


Short Poems about Flowers

Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers growing in a row.

The first one said, “I’m purple, you know.”

The second one said: “I’m pink as pink can be.”

The third one said, “I’m blue like the sea.”

The fourth one said, “I’m a very red fellow.”

The fifth one said, “My color is yellow.”

Then out came the sun, big and bright.

And five little flowers smiled in delight.


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Ten Little Flowers

One little, two little,

three little flowers.

Four little, five little,

six little flowers.

Seven little, eight little,

nine little flowers.

Ten little flowers blooming in the sun!

spring poems for kids ten little flowers
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A Little Seed

A little seed for me to sow.

A little seed to make it grow.

A little hole, a little pat,

A little wish, and that’s that.

A little sun, a little shower.

A little while,

And then, a flower!

a Little Seed spring poem for kids
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If you love these printable flower poems for kids, you may also be interested in the Spring Build a Poems

Frog Poems for Kids

When kids talk about Spring, they often talk about frogs jumping in the ponds. 

Here is a collection of short frog poems for kids.  

A Small Green Frog

A small green frog on a big brown log;

A black and yellow bee in a little green tree;

A red and yellow snake by a blue-green lake,

All sat and listened to red bird sing,

“Wake up, everybody, it’s spring! It’s spring!”


Five Speckled Frogs

Five little speckled frogs

Sat on a speckled log

Eating the most delicious bugs

(yum, yum)

One jumped into the pool

Where it was nice and cool

Then there were four green

speckled frogs.

(glub, glub)

spring poems for kids five speckled frogs
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Ten Little Frogs

One little, two little,

three little green frogs.

Four little, five little,

six little green frogs.

Seven little, eight little,

nine little green frogs.

Ten little green frogs in the pond.

spring poems for kids ten little frogs
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Earth Poems for Young Children

Earth Day is in April.  Since Spring is all about new growth, this is the perfect timing to teach the kids about taking care of our Earth.  

This Old Earth

This old Earth

needs our help,

to stay fresh and clean and green.

With a pick it up, pitch it in,

and throw it in the can –

This old Earth will be clean again.

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We recycle what we use,

separate things,

and you should, too!

Glass and paper, plastic and tin,

all go in your recycling bin.

We must start now.

We can’t wait.

Quick, or it will be too late!

recycle poem for kids
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More Spring Themed Poems

Goodbye Winter

(By Becky Spence)

Good-bye, Winter!

Spring is in the air.

Flowers are in the bloom.

You see colors everywhere.

Birds build their nest.

In branches way up high.

But out my window, that loud bird.

Woke me up again … sigh!

March Wind

The wind is pushing

Against the trees,

He’ll take off your hat

Without asking you “please,”

He rattles the windows

And puffs at a cloud,

Then scoots down the chimney

And laughs aloud.


(-Author Unknown)

The wind told the grass,

and the grass told the trees.

The trees told the bushes,

and the bushes told the bees.

The bees told the rain,

and the robin sang out clear –

Wake up! Wake up!

Spring is here! 

My Spring Garden

Here is my little garden,

Some seeds I’m going to sow.

Here is my rake to rake the ground,

Here is my handy hoe.

Here is the, big round yellow sun;

The sun warms everything.

Here are the rain clouds in the sky;

The birds will start to sing.

Little plants will wake up soon,

And lift their sleepy heads;

Little plants will grow and grow

In their little warm earth beds. 

Young Lambs

(By John Clare) 

The spring is coming by a many signs;

The trays are up, the hedges broken down.

That fenced the haystack, and the remnant shines

Like some old antique fragment weathered brown.

And where suns peep, in every sheltered place,

The little early buttercups unfold

A glittering star or two—till many trace

The edges of the blackthorn clumps in gold.

And then a little lamb bolts up behind

The hill, and wags his tail to meet the yoe,

And then another, sheltered from the wind,

Lies all his length as dead – and lets me go

Close bye and never stirs but basking lies,

With legs stretched out as though he could not rise.

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