Perhaps the wee leprechauns led you to find these St. Patrick’s Day poems for kids. Or, maybe you’re searching for fun St. Patricks Day poems and Irish songs to have lots of fun learning about St. Patrick’s Day.

With this collection of poems and songs, your little people will love reading and laughing about silly leprechauns, little shamrocks, lucky green shamrocks, delicious leprechaun stew, and much more.



Free Poetry Notebook for Kids

Get your kids excited for reading with a fun poetry notebook.

Creating a notebook of poems is easy, takes almost no prep time, and is a powerful learning tool!


Fun St. Patrick’s Day Poems for Kids

Give the kids a green hat, and have them take turns reciting the poems in groups or by themselves.

When they put on the leprechaun hat, they will feel like true Irish lads.

Five Little Leprechauns

Five Little Leprechauns is excellent for math sequencing and rhyming skills! This St. Patrick’s Day poem also works well with readers theater or small and whole group reading.

 After practicing the leprechaun poem, have the kids recite and re-enact this to another class or family member. It lends itself for a fun activity on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get this printable poem HERE or on TPT.


Depending on which grade level you are teaching, there are many lessons to focus on with 5 Little Leprechauns. 

Rhyming, quotations, ordinal numbers, retelling, and contractions are just a few! 

In kindergarten, our focus was on retelling and ordinal numbers. The kids loved to identify rhyming words, but that was not our main objective. 

To keep the learning fun, you can also have your kiddos complete the 5 Little Leprechauns Build a Poem. Your little folk will work individually or as a team to build the poem.

St. Patrick's Day poems for kids


10 Little Leprechauns

(By Little Learning Corner)

One little, two little,

three little leprechauns.

Four little, five litle,

six little leprechauns.

Seven little, eight little,

nine little leprechauns.

Ten little leprechauns

looking for gold.  

ten little leprechauns st patricks day poem for kids
Get 10 Little Leprechauns HERE or on TPT

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Poems for Kids

Happy St. Patrick’s Day is great for reading and singing along to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”.

After learning this St. Patrick’s day song, the kids can search for the treasure pot of gold hidden in the room. I like to fill a small treasure box with chocolate gold coins, green construction paper pieces, and green buttons.

 These St. Patrick’s Day poems, songs, and finger plays, would also compliment a Leprechaun book, and a Write the Room center activity.

Get this printable poem HERE or on TPT.

If you’re building your collection of St. Patrick’s Day poems for kids, this one is great for incorporating measurement. 

The little leprechaun is short and green. Give the kiddos a few cubes to measure the picture of the leprechaun, then send them looking for things that are taller and shorter than their cube stack! 

A simple T-chart in a math journal would be a perfect recording sheet for their findings.

While some groups are working on measuring, another group can be working on fluency, concepts of print, and teamwork with this St. Patrick’s Day Build a Poem.  

Your kiddos will use the large print word cards to build the St. Patrick’s Day poem.

I’m a Little Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Poem

Can you catch the tiniest man you’ve ever seen? “I’m a Little Leprechaun” is great to read before going on a Leprechaun hunt around the school to find the tiniest man you’re ever seen.

It takes the luck of the Irish and a trip to the end of the rainbow to catch that little guy!

Get this printable poem HERE or on TPT


While out of the classroom on your leprechaun hunt, arrange for a coworker to leave yummy treats on their desks.

This is also the perfect opportunity to set up a St. Patrick’s Day Write the Room activity.

It takes less than 2 minutes to quickly tape 8 picture cards around the room, and the excitement lasts a long time! 

I’m a Little Shamrock See My Leaves

You’re one of the lucky ones if you’ve found an actual shamrock!

I love this poem, because it leads way to great science lessons about growing plants.

The kids think it’s a great day when I have them go outside and search for little clovers in the grass area. 

The best is when they bring me blades of grass instead of clovers.  

You can use I’m a Little Shamrock to talk about what a plant needs to grow, and the belief that shamrocks will bring your luck!

 After the kids practice tracking print with their pointer finger, let them get engaged with word work.   

They will build sentences and enjoy reading about the Irish shamrock with this interactive Shamrock Build a Poem.

Get this printable poem HERE or on TPT


I’m a Little Shamrock Look at Me

I’m a little shamrock

look at me. 

Oh, what color can I be?

If you said I was the color green

stand up right up

and shout YIPEE!

i'm a little shamrock st. patricks day poem for kids
Get I’m a Little Shamrock, HERE or on TPT

Leprechaun Stew

Whatever you do, don’t give away my Leprechaun Stew! Have the kiddos predict, generate a list of ingredients, and share their own recipe for leprechaun stew.  

This St. Patrick’s Day poem for kids is great for integrating a stew recipe and cooking activity in the classroom.

Wouldn’t it be so fun to have a poetry teatime while watching the kids present these fun St. Patrick’s Day poems?


He Lived Under a Rainbow (B-I-N-G-O)

Holiday poems and songs are the foundation to a kids education. This fun version of BINGO is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day song for little kids.

There was a little leprechaun,

he lived under a rainbow.

R-A-I-N- Bow

R-A-I-N- Bow

R-A-I-N- Bow

He lived under a rainbow.

(Continue repeating, and clap in place of each letter, just as you’d do for BINGO)

A Noble Soul

(by Lenore Hetrick)

St. Patrick was a noble soul.

And, he was brave, I know.

I wonder just how he made those snakes

Turn their tails and go. 

He loved Ireland always and ever.

And, Ireland loved him, too. 

I guess the whole world loves St. Patrick.

I know I do.  Don’t you?

free st. patricks day poem for kids
Get this FREE St. Patrick’s Day poem, HERE

Conclusion: St. Patrick’s Day Poems for Kids

There are endless ways to use these printable St. Patrick’s Day poems for kids.

Do you teach a poem of the week, or perhaps a poem of the day? If so, teach them during circle time, then add to your poetry notebooks! 


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