5 Fun Activities for The Mitten

The Mitten, by Jan Brett, is a Winter staple on almost every elementary bookshelf!

Kids of all ages love this dramatic Ukrainian folktale. After reading aloud this award winning book, here are a few The Mitten activities you can do with your kiddos to keep the learning fun.



The Mitten Anchor Chart

After The Mitten read-aloud, make a list or graphic organizer on large chart paper.  As the students recall characters from the story, record their responses on the chart paper.  This Mitten anchor chart will be their visual reminder when you return to the lesson the following day.


The Mitten Characters

The following day, with the anchor chart hanging in view, place these Mitten character cards in a pocket chart (random order).

Character in The Mitten, by Jan Brett

  • Baba
  • owl
  • mouse
  • rabbit
  • fox
  • hedgehog
  • mole
  • badger
  • bear
  • Nicki

Start by asking students to look at the pictures and recall the character names from the story.  Once you have reviewed each Mitten vocabulary card, have the kiddos sequence them based on the order they appeared throughout the story.

This Mitten sequencing activity will encourage students to revisit the anchor chart, build concepts of print, increase student discourse, and promote language skills.



A Winter Write the Room

Based on the popular children’s book, The Mitten Write the Room center promotes early reading and writing skills for active learners.  Students are encouraged to actively move throughout the room to locate and record The Mitten vocabulary cards. This Winter themed writing center is a must-have for kindergarten aged kiddos.


With leveled character cards and write the room recording sheets, differentiation is a breeze!

Level 1 is for emergent writers that need practice with letter formation and concepts of print.  The Mitten character cards have the word printed below the picture, and the write the room recording sheet has character pictures that match the cards.  Students hunt for character cards around the room, match them to the pictures on their write the room recording sheet, and transfer (copy) the word on the space provided.



Level 2 reinforces inventive spelling and initial sounds.  These cards DO NOT have the word printed below the picture. The write the room recording sheet has letters to represent the beginning sounds for each card.  Students identify the letter on their recording sheet, and search for the character card that starts with that sound.  They will use inventive spelling to write the word on the space provided.




You could also use the level one recording sheet with the level 2 cards.  This way, they will match picture cards to their recording sheet, and write the words independently.  This is my favorite way to implement The Mitten Write the Room


The Mitten Making Words

As you may have seen in my blog post, 8 Fun Christmas Activities for Kindergarten, Making Words is an engaging activity for early language and writing skills. Build vocabulary and concepts of print with these printable Mitten Making Words

the-mitten-making-words Your kiddos will read the vocabulary word, cut and paste letter tiles to build the word, write the word or a sentence, then illustrate a picture.  




You can use these word cards on a word wall, in a writing center, or with pocket chart activities. Get Making Words: The Mitten, HERE.

Winter Writing Center

Building sentences is a no-prep language arts writing center that compliments this popular Winter book for kids.

Printable worksheet activities reinforce concepts of print, sight words, punctuation, and illustrating to represent sentences. Kids use word tiles to build 10 sentences about the story – one sentence on each page. When done with their Mitten word work, they draw an illustration and write the sentence.

The Mitten-building-sentences-cover

 Get your Building Sentences Mitten Worksheets, HERE.

Best of all, my Building Sentences resources are leveled.  No need to try and find different work for the kiddos that need challenging work.

At Level worksheets include the sentence at the top of the page. Above Level worksheets do not have the sentences printed. The students identify the word tiles, and put the words in order to make a sentence on their own.


Where to Get the Worksheets and Activities

The Making Words, Building Sentences, and Write the Room have links within each description for you to purchase separately from my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  However, you can save time and money with The Mitten Bundle below.  Once you click on the “buy now” button, you will see a small shopping cart appear in the lower right corner of your screen.  Click on your shopping cart to check out, pay using PayPal, and get the printable resources sent right to your email.

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