A Simple New Years Poem for Kids

Inspire the children to ring in the New Year with a heartwarming New Year Poem for Kids. 

As we welcome the fresh beginnings and exciting opportunities that come with the turning of the calendar, there’s no better way to engage young minds than through the magic of poetry.

New Years poem for kids

Join us in exploring this heartwarming and creative activity that will bring smiles to the faces of your little ones. 

Let’s make this New Year extra special for the children with a beautiful poem and an engaging activity to cherish!

New Year Inspirational Poem

Using poetry to ring in the new year will inspire the kiddos to start fresh. Get your New Years poem in the Little Learning Corner store.


This is the perfect opportunity to reset any imperfections in your classroom.  For example, if you read about a new classroom management strategy that you’d like to try, this is the time to do it! Explain to the kiddos that you are just as excited about the New Year as they are.

Sing the New Year’s Here poem (see below), then encourage them to share what they believe would be good goals to set for the classroom.

Write their ideas on an anchor chart, and keep it hung for them to reference throughout the remainder of the year.

New Years poem for kids

New Years Poem for Kids

New Year’s Here is a simple, catchy, poem that I’ve used for many years while teaching kindergarten.

I’ve now created this printable to go along with my year long bundle of poems for kids.  This simple New Years poem can be sung to the tune of Frere Jaques.


Get your New Years poem on TPT or in the Little Learning Corner store.

After adding the poem to a poetry notebook, the kids will love doing a build a poem activity. 

Build a Poems are my absolute favorite activities to watch my kiddos complete!

Whether in a pocket chart, on a table top, or on the floor, the kiddos work together to build the New Years poem.

As a reward, they get to recite the poem to the class when finished!  How fun!

New Years Build a Poem Activity

Getting your kids actively involved reading and language development is key!
They want to have fun while learning to read; not be forced to read lines upon lines of unfamiliar text.  This is where Build a Poems come into play.
Build a Poems are an interactive solution to traditional reading activities for kids.
The kiddos sequence the large print word cards to build the completed New Years poem.  As a reference, a colorful poem sheet is also included with every Build a Poem activity.
Present the word cards to the kiddos in mixed up order! They will work together to build it – all while building concepts of print, vocabulary, fluency, and language skills!
All of the work is done for you! This low-prep pocket chart center includes a colorful poem for display, as well as each word printed on color-matching cards, and a title card.

Get your New Year’s Build a Poem cards and the printable poem, HERE.

This New Years Poem, sung to the tune of Frere Jacques, can be used as a shared reading activity, mini-lesson, or as a balanced literacy station.
Some teachers have also left feedback stating they love using these poems during their morning meeting routine.
Other teachers have said they send them home in a gallon-size bag, and encourage parents to work with their kids to build and recite the poems. That is such a wonderful idea for a take-home activity in kindergarten.


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New Years poem for kids

  • Your kiddos are going to LOVE this New Years Poem!