Introducing the delightful Chubby Little Snowman Poem – a perfect addition to your kindergarten, first grade, and homeschool curriculum! Get ready to witness the joy and wonder in your children’s eyes as they learn this heartwarming Winter poem.

Chubby Little snowman poem for kids

Benefits of The Snowman Poem for Kids

1. Spark Imagination and Creativity

As the words come alive, your kids’ imagination will soar!  They will envision their very own chubby snowman with rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his eye. This captivating poem will ignite their creativity and leave them eager to explore the wonders of winter.

2. Fosters Language and Literacy Skills

Building a strong foundation in language and literacy is crucial for young learners.

With the Chubby Little Snowman Poem, your students will delight in the rhythmic flow of words, enhancing their phonemic awareness and vocabulary.

Through repetitive and engaging verses, they’ll develop essential reading skills in an enjoyable and memorable way.


3. Embrace Seasonal Learning

Celebrate the magic of winter and seasonal changes with the Chubby Little Snowman Poem.

As snowflakes fall outside, gather your students or homeschoolers around and let the charm of this poem fill the room. Immerse them in the joy of the season while incorporating essential lessons about winter weather, clothing, and activities.

4. Interactive Learning Fun

Learning should be fun, and the Chubby Little Snowman Build a Poem makes sure of that! Encourage your little ones to act out the poem, bringing the snowman to life with hand gestures and expressions.

Engaging in such interactive activities not only reinforces comprehension but also fosters social and emotional development.

5. Ideal for All Learning Environments

Whether you’re a PreK, kindergarten, first grade teacher or a homeschooling parent, this poem is an ideal addition to your curriculum.

Its versatility allows you to integrate it seamlessly into circle time, language arts lessons, or even arts and crafts activities, providing endless opportunities for learning and creativity.

Chubby Little Snowman Printable Poem

When teaching children new poems, teachers often search for a printable version to add to the kids’ poetry notebooks.

If you are interested in Chubby Little Snowman, and a collection of printable seasonal poems for your kids, check out the Poem of the Day collection.

Chubby little snowman winter poem for kids

Chubby Little Snowman Pocket Chart Activity

Not only will they be eager to add the printable to their poetry notebooks, they will also be begging you to do the Snowman Build-a-Poem

The kiddos work together in a small group at the build a poem pocket chart center – using large print work cards to build the Chubby Little Snowman Poem for kids.

In this classroom video below, you can see the elementary kids work together building concepts of print, sight word fluency, expression, self-monitoring, applying phonics skills to decode unknown words, and retelling the poem with expression.

When complete, they check for accuracy, then read it aloud to the class.  This is the most exciting part of the build a poem process.  The energy from their excitement to read it to the class is amazing!


Don’t miss out on this captivating winter treasure that will delight your students or homeschoolers all season long!

Embrace the joy of learning and poetry with the Chubby Little Snowman Poem and create cherished memories as you explore the wonders of winter together.

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