Superhero Birthday Favors


So you’ve invited all the guests, or have a count on the students in the classroom, and now you are looking to pull together cute superhero birthday favors for the kids.  I’ve got you covered, friend.  As a teacher and a parent, I’ve handled birthday parties a few dozen times.
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Superhero Birthday Party

Kids often get a treat bag as a birthday favor.  They take their treat bag home, eat the candy, lost the trinkets, and the Superhero birthday party that you worked so hard for is long forgotten.  Rather than filling a bag full of sugary candy, you can create these cheap superhero birthday favors in no time!

For my daughters preschool birthday party, we chose to do a non-traditional, fun birthday treat at school.  We call them Crazy Straw Birthday Favors.  We prepped this the night before her 4th birthday, and she passed out these superhero birthday favors to her friends, and surprised the teacher with superhero themed gift, too.


These DIY superhero birthday favors are perfect for a classroom treat at school.

Crazy Straw Birthday Favors

What are crazy straw birthday favors?  It truly is just that; printable tag attached to a crazy straw. I also use these in my classroom as a birthday gift to the students.  My printable superhero birthday tags come in blue, green, purple, pink, and a mixed color array.  Because it was her 4th birthday, I let her choose which color to use.  Naturally, she choose purple Superhero girls.

We ordered the straws on amazon so they would arrive within 2 days, printed off the superhero tags, and started our superhero preschool birthday party favors. She was so excited for her preschool birthday celebration.

Superhero birthday tags with crazy straws make a perfect classroom party treat.

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As soon as the straws arrived, I set up an assembly line to put together these DIY birthday favors.  My husband and I cut out the circle tags, and she taped them onto the crazy straws.  Since learning how to write your name is such a big deal to kids, she was eager to write her name on the back of the superhero tags.  She said she wanted her preschool friends to know it was her birthday. 🙂  These superhero birthday favors turned out so cute!


Crazy straws and superhero birthday tags to pass out at a preschool classroom birthday party

Superhero Teacher Gift

Cupcakes are a popular classroom treat.  And, I’m not sure I can think of any teacher that would turn down such a delicious mid-day treat in the classroom.  However, just like the candy bags come and go with kids; a cupcake is quickly digested and doesn’t support a teachers healthy diet plan. After she passed her birthday favors to her preschool friends, she also had a special treat for her teacher.

Instead, we wanted to give her preschool teacher a birthday favor that she can keep and use with the kiddos.   Sticking to the Superhero theme, we chose to give her a set of my Superhero Alphabet cards for the preschool classroom.

Superhero Alphabet Posters printed on a smaller scale make a perfect set of superhero flashcards
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Superhero Alphabet Posters

Although I designed these Superhero alphabet posters to be 8.5 x 11″, you can easily adjust the size when printing to create smaller posters or superhero letter cards.  I chose 4 pages to sheet which brings them to 3.5 x 5″ – perfect for superhero flashcards.

Easily customize your superhero alphabet cards

After laminating and cutting them out, we tied the set together with decorative ribbon.

Superhero alphabet cards make a great teacher gift



In Conclusion

These DIY birthday favors are perfect for a superhero themed birthday party.  Whether you are helping your kid celebrate a birthday at school, or planning a themed birthday party for kids, these printable Superhero birthday favors are sure to be a hit.  They can take the straws home, wash them, and reuse them time after time.  Surely, they won’t forget your kiddos birthday!