All aboard these fun Polar Express activities for kids!  We have prepared a delightful collection of activities, worksheets, and ideas inspired by this beloved Christmas story.

Your little learners will be thrilled to explore the magic of the Polar Express while reinforcing essential skills in a fun and engaging way.

Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten

Polar Express Activities for Kids

  1. Train Ticket Art: Let the kids unleash their creativity with train ticket art! Provide blank train ticket templates or have the children design their own tickets.
  2. Hot Chocolate Counting: Warm up with math! Create a “Hot Chocolate Counting” activity where students count marshmallows or chocolate chips, and drop them into their plastic mugs.
  3. Santa’s Sight Word Workshop: Join Santa’s workshop to learn sight words! Set up a “Santa’s Sight Word Workshop” center where students can practice recognizing and spelling common sight words with the help of festive visuals.
  4. Building the Polar Express: Set up a building station with building blocks or craft materials, allowing kids to construct their own Polar Express trains. It’s a hands-on way to develop spatial and fine motor skills.
  5. Train Ride Mapping: Transform the classroom or your home into a train station! Create a large map of the Polar Express route on the floor using tape or draw it on a large sheet of paper. Give the kids toy trains and let them take turns guiding their train along the map. 
Polar Express Activities for Kindergarten

Polar Express Worksheets

Now that you have your week planned out with the fun activities listed above, let’s take a look at some fun printables to keep learning fun.

Polar Express Write the Room

The Polar Express Write the Room is an interactive Christmas writing activity to build vocabulary and engage your active learners in holiday writing.

Choose a level, (2 levels are included) post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet. Great for visual and kinesthetic learners.

Polar Express Making Words

The Polar Express Making Words is an engaging hands-on approach to build, write, and illustrate words found in  this classic holiday story.
Students cut and paste letter tiles to build, write, and illustrate the Polar Express vocabulary word. Full color illustrated word cards are also included for pocket chart activities, a word wall, or a writing center.


Polar Express Printable Bundle

Get everything you need for your prek, kindergarten, or first grade intervention lessons in this Polar Express Bundle.

Included in the bundle are the following printable activities:

  • 8 Making Words worksheets. A no-prep word work center. Students read, build, write, and illustrate vocabulary from the story. (train, conductor, ticket, Santa, bell, elves, reindeer, and hot cocoa)
  • 1 Patterning Worksheets – cut and paste to extend patterns
  • 2 Story Response Sheets – students respond, write, and draw
  • 1 Measuring Train: Students use train to measure objects around the room.
  • 1 Recording Sheet for Longer/Shorter measurement activity
  • 1 Counting Sets up to 10 worksheet
  • 9 full-color illustrated word cards
Below are images from some of the activities you will receive with this Polar Express Bundle.
This writing worksheets to go along with the Polar Express are simple, yet engaging.  With graphics to represent the Polar Express characters from the book, a title, and a lined writing template, you can use this to support open ended writing activities.

We can’t forget about integrating math skills into our Polar Express activities for kids

This Polar Express math worksheet is great for homework, morning work, math centers, as a whole class shared math lesson, or as an intervention tool to support or challenge your kiddos.


As early as preschool, kids begin to learn about the patterns around them.

Not only do patterns help children learn about sequencing, patterns help kids learn how to make predictions.

The kiddos will use these Polar Express Pattern Worksheets to extend patterns of familiar graphics represented throughout the storybook and movie.

They will cut and paste to create AB, ABB, and ABC patterns.

This Polar Express measuring train is a student favorite year after year.  Students use the printable measuring worksheets to measure and compare lengths of items around the room, and record their findings on the measuring recording sheet.
Your young learners will color and cut the train template included in our Polar Express Bundle.  Then, they use the train to compare length using objects such as pencils, crayons, and. books.

A Letter from Santa in the North Pole

As we all know, the holiday season can be chaotic and sometimes difficult to manage in the classroom. 

Teachers and parents often resort to reminding the children that Santa is always watching 🙂

Why not kick off the Christmas season with a personalized letter and video from Santa to your classroom? 

With Elfi Santa, you can upload a class picture, type in your class name (Mrs. ______’s class), a class goal, and just like that you can have a personalized video from Santa to your classroom.

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Letter from Santa

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