Mummy Juice Boxes for Halloween Parties

Whether you are planning a Fall birthday party for kids, a Halloween classroom party, or a family Halloween party, these spooky mummy juice boxes are a must have!  Some call them mummy juice boxes, ghost juice boxes, and jack skellington juice boxes…either way, if you are looking for Halloween party ideas, these are the best party drinks for kids.

For several years, I made these for my daughters Fall birthday parties.  The whole family would pitch in to make these quick and easy, DIY, mummy juice boxes.


These mummy juice boxes are perfect for Halloween parties for kids, Fall birthday parties, and a Halloween classroom party!

Materials Needed for Mummy Juice Boxes

  • juice boxes
  • white electrical tape
  • black sharpie marker
  • scissors

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How to Assemble Halloween Juice Boxes

  • Using white electrical tape, start at the bottom, and measure and cut how much tape you need to cover the front and sides. 
  • Continue cutting and covering the juice boxes in the white electrical tape.  We covered the top, leaving an opening for the straw area.
  • Use a sharpie to draw the face on the front of the juice box.  Last year, we used hot glue to put wiggly eyes on.  Those turned out super cute, but required more assembly time. You can check out more Halloween crafts for kids, here

Family Halloween costume for Nightmare before Christmas.

*Tip on making these mummy juice boxes:  Covering only the front with electrical tape allows the kids to easily choose which flavor they want.  It also saves the trouble of having to remove the straw and taping it onto the back.*

Make spooky juice boxes for a Fall birthday, or Halloween party for kids.

 From birthday parties in the classroom to Halloween parties for families, these juice boxes are a hit year after year! You can spruce up the party with more homemade Fall treats, such as Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups, and Frankenstein Grape Cups.

Fall treats pudding cups are great for Halloween birthday parties for kids.


Halloween Party for Kids

If you are planning a Halloween party for kids, you can read my 3 simple tips to get started, here.  Grab your decorations and Halloween printable activities, and let the fun begin!