Celebrating Birthdays at School | 10 Easy Ideas to Keep it Simple and Fun

Celebrating the kids birthdays at school is a memory all children can experience. Birthdays are milestones in a child’s life, but getting to celebrate at school, with their friends, can be so much fun!

At our school, we believe in creating an environment where every child feels loved, cherished, and acknowledged, and celebrating birthdays plays a vital role in achieving that goal.

10 easy and fun ideas for celebrating kids birthdays at school.

In this blog post, I want to share 10 easy tips to keep celebrating birthdays at school simple and fun.

From the simple traditions to a special birthday reader, there is an undeniable magic that fills the air when we commemorate these special days. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join me as we delve into the enchanting world of celebrating kids’ birthdays at school!

Celebrating Birthdays at School

A kid’s birthday is one of their favorite days of the year!  It’s their day to shine in front of all their friends and classmates.

Teachers want to acknowledge the student’s birthdays, but don’t have the budget for elaborate gifts. Parents want to send in a treats, but are looking for non-food birthday favors.

I have the perfect solution – keep reading to find out.

printable happy birthday tags for kids celebrate birthdays at school

Get these printable tags on TPT

Printable birthday tags, along with a simple birthday treat or birthday prize,  make the perfect birthday favors for school.

At the start of every school year, I ask my parent volunteers to prep classroom birthday prizes, such as birthday pencils, birthday straws, and sticker sheets, then write each students name on a classroom birthday poster, or create a small birthday bulletin board.

Keeping the bucket of birthday treats near my desk is a great visual reminder not to forget anyone’s birthday.  Even the summer birthday kids should have their moment to celebrate at school!

Inviting Parents to be Birthday Readers

Parents enjoy celebrating their kids birthday at school.  At the start of the school year, establish strong parent teacher communication explaining how you celebrate the kids’ birthdays in the classroom.

Prior to the day of the child’s birthday, send home a fun parent letter inviting a parent or grandparent into the classroom to be a Birthday Reader.

parent letter inviting kids' parents to be a birthday reader in the classroom

Parents may have difficulty committing to volunteering on a regular basis, but they want to be involved.

These Parent Letters invite parent volunteers to read to the class, and help out if desired, on their child’s birthday. The Birthday Reader such a special time for the kids!

10 easy and fun ideas for celebrating kids birthdays at school.

10 Ideas for Student Birthday Gifts

There are lots of ways to celebrate student birthdays at school.  Of course, you can go the route of a full blown party, or keep it simple with a song and small prize.

Below are some of the top birthday gifts for students that won’t break your teacher budget.

  1. Birthday Pencils:  Simply cut out these printable tags, and tape them to a decorative pencil. I put these in a magnetic pen holder, and kept it on the board next to the birthday poster. The birthday kid gets to choose a special pencil at the beginning of the day.
  2. Birthday Crazy Straws:  These crazy straws, topped with a printable birthday tag, are such a fun way to celebrate birthdays at school!
  3. Birthday bracelets
  4. Birthday hats
  5. Birthday Paints
  6. Birthday Smelly Stickers
  7. Play-doh
  8. Mini Bubble Wands
  9. Cool Sunglasses
  10. Superhero Masks

Party favors, whether for classroom parties or birthday parties for kids, can be quick and simple.  Less is more! The kids leave feeling special, and are proud to celebrate their birthday in front of others.

If you’re passing out treats to every kid to celebrate birthdays at school, tape the tags on candy treats, such as pixie sticks, lollipops, or nerd ropes.  Then, put them in a cute bucket by the door. Tell each kid to grab one on their way out the door during dismissal.

10 easy and fun ideas for celebrating kids birthdays at school.


As educators and parents, we recognize the significance of nurturing the whole child.

Celebrating birthdays in the classroom offers a remarkable opportunity to create an inclusive, engaging, and joyful environment that fosters a sense of belonging and celebrates each child’s unique qualities.

From the fun-filled activities to the life lessons of empathy and kindness, these celebrations leave an indelible mark on our young learners, providing them with memories that will warm their hearts for years to come.

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10 easy and fun ideas for celebrating kids birthdays at school.

Birthdays at School